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My wife and I have paddled the Adirondack 16 on the Wisconsin river many times. We usually rent, but I finally found one of my own. Made of Royalex it is nearly indestructible-perfect for river trips with frequent sand bar landings. Traditional web seats. It is a little heavy for portage (78lbs if I remember correctly), but not a problem across a parking lot. Normally I will paddle this solo, reverse in the bow seat with my black lab in front. Great for lazy river trips, but a little wide in this position for flat water. Also, you can load this like a pick up truck. I have had tooo much stuff and she performs well. I transport atop my little Hyundai Accent with out issue. Thanks for reading, can't go wrong here for your all purpose canoe.

I love this little boat! My first true solo canoe I have paddled the local forest preserves, Lake Shabbona, Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. The mighty Miss was a little wild, couple waves over the bow. Still had a great time, didn't swamp. This boat does not track well empty. It does alot better when loaded, but I still need a correction before and after the power stroke. I start with some thing like a C, then finish with a J, rudder or pry as warranted. This boat is made of royalex, but still only weighs 33lbs! Go for it!