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Name: georgesb

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Several qualities: 1. The length of this kayak is great for the Texas lakes and rivers. 2. Easy for a one person to carry if going fishing or just enjoying the outdoors for excercise. 3. The seat is a blessing for my back. What's not to love?

It's been awhile but I have to say that I enjoyed every bit of my canoe ride. I love the fact that it is durable, easy, fun and safe. Plenty of room to carry what you need.

It's fantastic to paddle these canoes for people who have lower back problems. The backrests are perfect to enjoy moments on the water without the hurt.

My son and I have tried it. For him, he loved it and so did I. The only thing he's thirteen yrs old and I, well let's just say that I learned my lesson. I needed to get a quality seat w/back support. But over all, it's not a bad kayak for first timers.