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Name: Sarah777

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okay been out several more times since my first review and am very, very pleased. I failed to mention my Tarpon 120 is a 2009 model and that it was as dry a ride for me as my sit inside.
  • I find the dry storage areas superb and the latches have not come open for me even in the roughest chop and surf.
  • There are cords inside the storage areas that your dry bags easily latch on to so they won't slide around in the belly of the boat and are easily retrievable.
  • The storage section in front of my seat is very convenient and accessible.
  • I have discovered the seat is more adjustable then I thought and I love this. It gives good back support.
  • bungees all over the boat are a great design that allows for all kinds of storage and securing everything I might bring along.
Overall I am still so pleased with this boat. The speed, tracking and dry bottom are exactly what I wanted in a new yak.

I have had several kayaks and debated whether to go with a SOT but my first look at this and I was hooked. The design of this yak is terrific. It is the best cross btw a SOT and SI that I have ever seen.

It took some getting used to how to load and unload alone (female 5'6" 150) and this is my first 12' model weighing in at 65# but I also bought the fabulous Paddleboy scupper hole wheel set which works beautifully. All I have to do is get my yak on and off my jeep and in 20 seconds I have the wheels in the holes and I am rolling! I can handle that. The wheels take care of the rest easy across sand, hills and other terrain.

As for kayaking in this - I couldn't be more pleased. The extra length helps with speed and tracking which is wonderful and better then my old SI. It handles turns, chop in the Gulf and bays and is just fine on our local rivers and creeks. The storage is fabulous 2 waterproof inset storage areas and a great back section deep and wide well with well designed bungee systems all over the boat.

The seat is amazing. Adjustable and best back support I have ever seen in a kayak. Plenty of handgrips sides and bow and stern... I can't say enough about the comfort of this boat.

The little extra work the 65 pounds and 12' give is well worth the trip on the water. I couldn't see it without my Paddleboy wheels though and amazingly they stow perfectly in the back section of this boat or in my auto whichever I prefer.

Thank you Wilderness Systems for a fine product I will be enjoying for years to come. No buyers regret, and I feel I got the boat that is right for me and that has max potential for an activity I love.

This is an update from my previous review. Several months into using this kayak and still loving it. Three things I see as issues however are that the Harmony Sprayskirt I have is not neoprene and it tends to collect water on top which I have to tip out but this may be corrected if I try tightening the skirt more but with the weather getting colder I think a neoprene skirt would be more waterproof and not allow this problem. Second issue is water tends to collect under the combing and this sometimes leaks inside the kayak. Not enough to be major but I notice it when the bay rough with large swells etc. Again a neoprene skirt would probably solve this problem. Third issue I have encountered is the front bottom of the seat has broken off from where it is molded to the kayak floor. I am concerned that a minimum amount of plastic remains where these two plastic pieces attached to the floor and it could spring a leak at any time so I now need to have those areas repaired with some type of kit to make sure they do not begin to leak. Having said all this there is not a day I am not greatful for my little Streak. Yesterday on St. Andrews Bay I enjoyed a cold brisk wind, lovely rough swells and a most beautiful sunset.

Update on review below. I was worried this paddle might not hold up but 50 runs later and it is still going strong. It is so lightweight and comfortable I still can't believe I paid $25 bucks for it! The advertisement didn't lie when it said this is the best value in a paddle on the market today. I am 100% satisfied and wouldn't buy a more expensive paddle now if I could.