Name: bigborb

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Fell in love at first paddle.. then had doubts as it seemed to be pushing quite a big bow wave, so I thought that forward speed must be compromised. Brought the boat home anyway as there was a 'je ne sais quoi' feeling about it and have loved it ever since! It's the Kevlar version (48lbs) so it's manageable in the car-top ritual after a hard workout, and feels a bit more nimble in the water too. The fit and finish are superb and the skeg works flawlessly on the rare occasions I use it.

It is a chined Greenland style hull which I love for its secondary 'bite' and also ease of rolling, despite being a fairly broad beam (21.5 inches). As for the forward speed issue I first had, it is simply not there.. As compared to my Nordkaap LV and of course, extra-fast hulls like my West-side Thunderbolt, it's not even close, but the sense of thrust as well as that secondary stability in heavy seas, there is no comparison. That is where this boat really thrives and feels like a Ferrari, as well as being an able and predictable roller.

In short, one of the nicest boats I've been in..!

I got this boat after paddling a Force 3 LV which was really too small. I love a snug fitting boat, but the F-3 and especially the LV version was truly too snug for my 6'1"" body. While the F-3 felt like a little rocket, the F4 does not seem to have that same sense of forward speed, despite the longer waterline.. However, this boat is a stable yet responsive kayak, predictable in all conditions, plenty fast in a straight line, and turns well. It rolls well, as it's an 'almost Greenland' soft-chimed hull, and is fairly narrow beamed. Mine is the K-lite version, a sort of carbon/Kevlar hybrid weave, and is reasonably light for a full sea kayak, making for ease of hoisting atop the car after a hard paddle.

I have paddled the Force 5 from Impex and it seems a bit sluggish by comparison, even though the specs seem to have the same hull dimension; there must be some differences.

Stable in confused or heavy waters, and satisfyingly quick in a straight line, the Force 4 is a gr eat boat all around!

Sadly, Impex went out of the kayak business a few years ago, but meanwhile the moulds and rights have been taken over by another company in Quebec who have revived this very worthy line of boats!! I don't know if they are producing the Jay Babina design of the 'Outer Island' but that is on my watch list for another boat that is quick and narrow..