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My husband and I recently purchased a 1991 Explorer 16'4" fiberglass w/kevlar. I read many reviews on this website prior to selecting a brand and model. When I advertised at work for a used canoe I was delighted to find this one for $300. (It retailed new for $1100). We have taken it out on one to two new lakes every week since we purchased it 2 months ago. It deserves the "10" rating because we feel so secure in it. It is the perfect recreational canoe for stability and ease to paddle. I'm amazed at how well it glides on the small lakes. (I am 55 and my husband is 63). This is the 1st time he has been in a canoe and I haven't paddled since I was in Girl Scouts. We are so glad we bought it. We plan to get a small motor soon for trolling so we won't get so much exercise when we fish. (ha ha).