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It is bay far one of the most useful SUP's we have in the fleet. Stable, comfortable for beginners to intermediate Supers. Moves very well for its weight. Pros movement, stability Cons Weight Usage great recreational SUP

I'm not sure how to rate this "kayak" its great for those with no experience paddling, but leave no room for improvement. It's a fat, short kayak. Almost all review say how well it maneuvers, but i haven't been in a 9'kayak that doesn't turn on a dime. It's stability come from a flat bottom, which also helps it turn faster. You expend as much effort keeping going straight as paddling it forward. If you're looking for a kayak to grow and improve you strokes or your a fitness paddler, buy a kayak you won't out grow in one hour of paddling. Sorry to those Swifty lovers, it's just a basic thing that floats. Challenge yourself!

I can’t say enough about this little kayak; it’s by far the favorite to paddle in our rental fleet. It’s fast, tracks strait, very maneuverable, and easy for beginners to hop in and start paddling. I consider it my SUV of kayaks, carrying extra camping equipment, a small child, or family pet (95lbs Lab-St. Bernard mix) is no trouble at all. Its large, open cockpit eliminates the fear some have of being stuck inside if they roll. Many of the people looking for sit-on-top kayaks have come back to me and said how much they enjoyed the ride and stability, much more than their previous SOT experience.

The only two drawbacks I see in this kayak are:
First, a lack of security lock point, second, its made to move, the faster you paddle the more comfortable it gets. Overall, the workmanship and quality are great.

If you are looking for perfectly smooth surface and perfect appearance, go spend 2500 to 4000 for a glass or Kevlar boat, but you won’t have nearly the fun in the water as with this kayak.