Name: TreeA10

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I’ve had my Eddyline Equinox for about 2 years. As a beginner, I’m 6’3” and 210lbs with a 35 inch inseam. Fit is generally good. Foot space can be overwhelmed by Size 12 shoes with thicker heals. My size 12 Keen hiking and water sandals or running shoes create a crowded foot area. NRS Paddle Wetshoes fit with no problems. Hip room is a little large. I have not done lessons on rolling but I would think the hip room would have to be decreased, i.e. add padding, to make rolling more effective.

The weight of the boat is easily manageable. I can throw it up on the roof rack without much difficulty for a quick run down to the marina. I’ve got a heavier poly kayak and I’m not sure I’d get on the water as much if I was having to deal with the load/unload process required of the heavier boat. The lighter weight is definitely a big plus.

I paddle on large inland lakes and rivers. The most demanding conditions I’ve encountered so far has been wind driven or boat generated waves. With winds 20 gusting to 30 and high frequency 1-2 foot waves, the kayak is very stable. No issues. Add waves reflecting off of retaining or sea walls and the waves get even more lively but kayak stability is very good. I do use a spray skirt during colder weather to keep warm or when the waves are kicking up since edging the boat into waves allows water to enter the cockpit.

Tracking is solid in all conditions without a rudder. A quartering tail wind driving waves into the stern will push the boat a little off track occasionally but corrections are easy.

Since I access the water off of concrete boat ramps for the most part, I’ve added a keel strip. No matter how careful I was, I would occasionally bounce the bottom of the boat off the ramp and leave small dings in the keel. The keel strip solved that issue protecting the boat.

Overall, I am very happy with the construction and performance of the boat.

I've used this paddle for over 2 years now. I'm 6'3" in a 25 inch width boat and I'm using a 230cm paddle with a touring boat.

In the time I've had this paddle, I have had issues with foot wear, the seat of the boat, and the weather but the paddle has never crossed my mind. It is light weight with no flex. After hours of paddling, lifting the paddle isn't a problem.

I've encountered sandy bottoms, rocky bottoms, concrete boat ramps, and tree stumps but the paddle shows no wear, nicks, or dings.

The posi-lock feature that allows for feathering the paddle has proven itself very useful when dealing with significant headwinds decreasing aerodynamic drag while pushing into oncoming waves.

For low angle paddling, this strong but lightweight paddle is hard to beat. I would recommend it.