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Have had our 140 for 5+ years and still enjoy it greatly. I have used it in 25+ mph winds and 3+ foot swells with no problems. Sail rig is fun for downwind use.

Our 1st of 4 kayaks ... With us since 1999. A fun toy .. Good to learn the basics with. Low gunnels make for a wet ride... Rides low in the water ... Tracks very very poorly. Easy to flip but also easy to reboard in the water. Sharp low volume bow so bogs down badly in any ajar waves.
Tarpon 140 is a much better boat.

Got this in 2010 at the end of the season. Sail it in tidal river off Ches. Bay. Great fun...sails great as single or double. Can go over 10 mph in the right wind and seas. Would give it a 10 but have had multiple small repairs... not nearly as robust as a regular Hobie Cat.

We had a Grumman Eagle from 1987 until 2004. The boat is totally aluminum and totally sunproof and showed only mild surface pitting after being used exclusively in salt water. After we got kayaks, we never used the canoe and therefore sold it. It is a pig to paddle compared the the yaks!

We've had our loon 111 for several years (our second kayak & umpteenth boat) -- 3 of our 4 family members prefer it to our Sandpiper (also O Town -- a sitontop version of the Otter). On teenager much prefers a sitontop. A very good all around kayak. Not particularly fast but comfortable and good for knocking about in. I got is over the 12' as the cockpit is larger in the 111 -- I thought that the 138 was okay but it felt too much like our 17' canoe (which never gets used now that we have kayaks).