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Two years ago, I was given a Funk Bag by Advanced Elements, and I'm still using it. This medium-size duffle bag (45 litres capacity) is a treat for carrying damp gear such as wetsuits. The waterproof PVC tarpaulin bottom means no leaks get out to make a mess, while the tough mesh top means the damp gear doesn't get funky from sitting in a sealed bag. The straps are adjustable and work well. All the seams are well-made and still good after two years. I use my Funk Bag to carry my sewing machine to a quilting group. It's even better for bringing home groceries, or carrying books & papers to campus.

I first rated the CargoPak a few months after being sent one to test. I have used the CargoPak for over two years now, and it is STILL a terrific drybag and knapsack. On the water, it is an excellent drybag, fitting behind the seat of my Advanced Elements Expedition kayak. I use it as a knapsack when buying groceries or carrying books, and also as luggage when travelling on a plane or a Greyhound bus. The seams are all still sealed and there are no wear points through the bag. The clasp is still strong, the handle is still solid, and the straps are still strong. Even the colour is still bright. The CargoPak is the best drybag and moderate-sized backpack I've ever used, in any weather - rainy, cold or hot.

A brand-new CargoPak arrived from Advanced Elements for me at Christmas time. What a present!

This drybag is fitted with decent shoulder straps, making it a rain-proof backpack as well as a kayaking drybag. The stitching is good and solid, with sealed seams. I've never had a drybag so well constructed of such tough material. There's just enough pockets on the outside for quick access, but not so many pockets that it looks or feels fiddly.

I like the handle on top! I've learned from carrying other drybags by the handle that this causes wear-and-tear at the buckle edges. Instead, the CargoPak has a proper handle. My grown son makes as many crafts as I do, and goes camping more than I do. He inspected it all over and pronounced it "Made To Last." Too many knapsacks and bookbags will fray at the seams after a couple of months. Too many drybags get a hole rubbed in the bottom just from sitting on a rough dock. The CargoPak should hold up.

I like that it is a medium size. It fits nicely behind the seat of my Expedition. It fits my shoulders and back, and doesn't stick out in all directions when I'm riding a bus. Buses are how I get to the water with my kayak. As a commando kayaker, I like gear bags and dry bags that are not too big for me to carry when loaded with food.

The CargoPak is a drybag pack that will suit not only boat-users like me, but hikers and campers in a rainy climate.

I've paddled the AirFusion a few times at PaddleFests. It's a very portable kayak, one that folds away into a bundle that's easily carried on a bus or put into a car trunk. I particularly like the rigid frame which makes this model a slimmer kayak than other models from Advanced Elements. The AirFusion has the same tough hull as their other boats, though! The production values are very high.

This is a tough little kayak and its frame is strong. My friends who own their own AirFusions are happy with the set-up and take-down process. I liked the responsive feel of the way it rides on the water. I could turn on a dime. As a slim boat, it was not flat and stable like the Advanced Elements Expedition, but even so the AirFusion did not feel tippy, just responsive to when I leaned. Like any short boat, the paddler must learn to use a shorter stroke than in a long sea kayak. With quick, short strokes this boat can keep up a good speed.