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We purchased the SE 370 to replace a hard canoe so we could have a manageable paddling watercraft while camping in our class C RV. I feel it performs almost as well as the hard canoe which was a 16' Navarro Otter. I have paddled it with my wife and my brother, who is a seasoned paddler. My brother was quite impressed with it. He is currently looking for single, hard kayaks for himself and his wife. We've used it in a calm ocean and large lakes. We've paddled in calm weather and some windy conditions, but we're not flowing water paddlers. The only problem we had was one side lost pressure and I think I've found the valve for that side leaks if its not tightened properly. There are three chambers, right side, left side and bottom chambers. We purchased the deluxe model which has canvas seats with separate chambers for back and bottom. The paddles are good enough for the easy paddling we do. There are three paddle blade angle adjustment holes. We were comfortable with the construction of the Sea Eagle since we had a large dinghy made of the same material which we towed behind our 27' sailboat for about 15 years. The SE 370 tracks well and good directional stability for our purposes.