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Name: Danielsh

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I love this boat! It is known as a stable, dependable boat for big seas. I was concerned that I'd find its lower initial stability and higher secondary a bit unnerving, but I very quickly learned to trust the boat. It is a dream at keeping straight for longer paddles, but also remarkably maneuverable and fun. I find I very rarely find any need for the skeg—as in, basically never. As it is was designed to carry loads, I was also a bit concerned at first that it would be harder to handle unloaded. Totally not the case. Can I say any more about how much I’m enjoying this boat?

The Tahe Marine Wind 535 is a very sturdy and stable boat. It is fast and easy to handle, which inspires confidence to push limits. While it is not hard to keep straight, the skeg helps in following seas. Still, it is not necessary and one is able to use the boat to master paddle and leaning technique. It is also a relatively easy kayak to roll--something else which helps to inspire confidence and enable limit pushing. All in all, a great kayak and one I'm very happy with.