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Name: Txkayakgrl

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I purchased a kayak back in September this year. Wilderness Systems Palmico 100 so looked at this one and ended up purchasing this one. Took it to pine Island Bayou last weekend and it was perfect especially for the smaller paddler that doesn't weigh enough to handle the larger kayaks. Comfortable seat,just felt like it fit more to the smaller paddler so for the women and younger paddlers this one is like Goldilocks and the three bears this kayak is just right. You can use for fishing or just paddling great all around kayak.

This year I bought 2 mango coloured sit in Pungo 120's. Made of the polyethylene material. New to the Kayaking scene I did a lot of research on which kayak would suit my needs as well as my daughter's.
Used last weekend for our first official kayaking rally and LOVED it!! The stability of the boat plus it tracks really well in turn makes for easy paddling for newbies to the scene. I do have some lower back/spine issues and the seat was awesome even after 5 hours. Highly recommend this boat!!