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Name: winski

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I absolutely love this kayak. I am a beginner and bought two of these after trying out several sit-in and sit-on-top kinds. This kayak glides and turns easily, tracks really straight, doesn't require strenuous paddling to get where you want to go, and is incredibly stable. Hull is crafted in high-density polyethylene to provide rugged durability and easy care. Multichine hull responds to leans and delivers terrific secondary stability; self-bailing hull ensures flotation in rough water.

It has great features like 2 mesh pockets on either side of the seat, a small mesh bag under the front of the seat, a cup holder in front of the seat, adjustable foot pegs, an adjustable seat (which is also extremely comfortable and my back never hurts), a small and large dry hatch and extra storage space at the back of the kayak.

What I love most about this kayak is its stability. I recently taught myself to get in and out of the kayak in deep water. Despite my many awkward attempts (I am not a strong person) it never once tipped over. I even got brave and kneeled on it, crawled around on it, and stood up in it and it never tipped! I have taken several hesitant friends out and they are all amazed at how stable it is and how easy it is to paddle. They have fallen in love with kayaking because of their positive experience!

I took my dog out and she sits very comfortably on a towel between my legs and I still have plenty of room to paddle. I have only used it at the lake so far, but have been in choppy water in windy weather and it still did fine. I'm planning to start river kayaking soon.

My only complaint is the weight. It is 60 something pounds and I am short (5'1") and not very strong, so It's a bit of a struggle to carry it far or lift it into the truck. Not impossible, just a little heavy. Other than that I have no complaints!