Name: Hellraiser76

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A friend owns the Saranac 160 from Old Town and to test it out we decided to start in a 3 day/3 night trip. For packing the two of us and our gear, this canoe can definitely handle it.

We did a backwoods river trip, camping on the bank each of the nights out. During the day I would fish and have to say that the rod holders were a decent touch. As well as the insanely comfortable seating system. I own a pretty high end Kayak and the seat in that is comfortable, I never thought I'd see it in a canoe.

The majority of the water we were on was relatively slow moving, with some rapids. While I wouldn't recommend it, it's a bear to turn sharply and it's low lines means your gear is getting wet, it certainly handled the water fine.

All in all, if your looking for a canoe that can handle most water types, can fish out of comfortably, and want a canoe that is pretty durable, then this is what you are looking for.

  • Very durable.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • Convenient storage.
  • Can hold a pretty decent amount of gear/people.
  • Tracks pretty straight.


  • Heavy (To be expected)
  • Maneuverability in rough water, especially rapids is something to be desired.