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I bought the guppy canopy for my Hobie Revolution 11 kayak, and this bimini rocks! It was easy to install, it doesn't interfere with paddling or the mirage drive operation. I had enough head room and it really kept me shaded. I had always wanted to use my kayak mid day in Alabama, but it was so hot and not shaded where I live, that I didn't use my kayak that often in the summer. Well, now I have my own shade, thanks to this bimini! I anticipate using my kayak a lot more. I bought the yellow shade and it does a good job of reflecting the sun's rays, and it's very stable underway, and I went out under breezy conditions.

I really like the design of this kayak. It's the only one I've found where the floor is suspended half way up the tubes. This eliminates so much drag, and makes it very responsive and quick on flat water. I don't know why more inflatable kayak manufacturers don't go this route. That is what makes the design so brilliant. Having a rocker on both ends and being self bailing, also makes it behave well in white water, but the rocker isn't so high that being blown about by the wind is a problem. The material is heavy duty and robust and this kayak can carry a lot of gear for overnight campouts on the river. This kayak is amazing, and very light for the amount of gear it can carry. The price is very reasonable, you can't go wrong with this kayak.

I've taken my Safari out twice. The first time I under inflated it, and definitely got wet sitting in the boat, but as it was 98 degrees out, it felt good. The first time I didn't use the skeg, and it definitely likes to spin, although I could make it go straight with a little effort. The river was low and we had to make a few portages over some muddy gravel bars, and the material was more than up to the task. No issues with punctures, very durable material. The next time I used the skeg and inflated the chambers more. I didn't get wet sitting in my boat until I reached and leaned down on the boat to get something behind my seat. Expect to get wet in this boat.

The boat tracked very well with the skeg, and I had no trouble keeping up with the canoes in my group. The boat inflates in about 15 minutes with a foot pump, and deflates even faster. It's easy to carry with the bag provided. I'm very happy with my purchase and look forward to taking it with me next time I travel by air.

I think the inflatable seat and footrest could be improved upon. Perhaps a plastic foot rest that could fit into some slots on the side chambers would be a better design. There's always an opportunity for improvement, but I think it's a very well made boat, and I look forward to several years of adventure with this kayak.