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Name: rabbit

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Have owned several canoes and currently a bass boat and a Wildy Tarpon 120. Wanted a sit inside for my girlfriend or when someone else wanted to go kayaking on river nearby. Found this on sale at Academy and actually happy I purchased it.

Tracks good, decent speed and very stable. Put a forward rod holder on and bungee a milk crate on top of rear access cover to put cooler in. I find myself taking it out a lot because it's so much easier to put in back of my small pickup. Kind of thin skinned though, so you would have to be careful; would not recommend dragging it around on concrete ramps etc.

Guess what I'm trying to say is good little starter fishing kayak for the buck.I'm 5'10 200 lbs and comfortable in it. Have a friend who is larger than me and he prefers it to my Tarpon when we go fishing! I put stadium cushions on seat but do on the Tarpon also. Have caught 15-20 lb striper bass out of this kayak no problem. It's more of a spend the day on slow rivers, lake coves rig but good budget buy for the person looking at doing just that and having something easy to carry the whole family could use.