Name: Patrick

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I purchased my Old Town Guide 147 model a few years off line, second hand. The original owner had garage kept it and used it mainly at local lakes and streams here in east TN. My biggest complaint about the boat was its overall stability. Initial stability was not all that good and caused me to overturn the boat twice, something that had never happened to me before in other boats.

The boat did turn on a dime and was easy enough to load by one person. The boat was also very tough, made from polyethylene. Overall by biggest two complaints were how ""tippy"" the boat felt and its limited ability to carry ample gear.

I've paddled these canoes roughly ten times through a local outfitter I visit often. I cannot say enough about these canoes, they are simply great for their price range. Large enough to haul ample amounts of gear and pleasure to canoe in lazy rivers. I've never had them on water ranging water but i'd say they would perform well on waters up to class III. The ones I paddled were made from polyethylene and were heavy, but tough as nails too.

I've canoed this boat many times over the years. They are great boats if your needing something that is maintenance free, tough as nails, and that can haul a lot of gear. My only complaint is that they are noisy and can make fishing a little more challenging.

Got take this canoe out, which belongs to a friend of mines, and really enjoyed it. It seemed a little "tippy" at first but most new canoes fill this way to me for the first bit. The seats were nice additions compared to some of the other canoes I've paddled that didn't have the backrest to them. The canoe seemed to turn very nicely as well, my only complaint would be that it doesn't hold the gear compared to some of the other canoes I've used.