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I totally agree with Boaterbob. The wife and I bought a couple of these from Wal-mart a couple years ago, and boy let me tell you they are bright. We use them as Texas Master Naturalist during frog watch, and critter watches at night. The trails we walk are very dark if you don't have a moon and there are snakes around the area we walk. We also use them kayaking and coming in after dark can be a challenge, but not with these.

They throw a good beam and the blinking option is great if you are in distress on the water. The red light is great to re-tie a lure on when night fishing also because they don't attract bugs, but when you switch over to white light, every bug in a 1/4 miles will home in on you! We also own several other lights similar to this one, but none of them last as long, and is as durable as this one. I give it top ratings, worth every penny we paid...($9.95).