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Name: williejmj

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My current canoe is a bright blue Madriver 14TT Explorer which is made out of a triple tough plastic. It weighs around 75 lbs. but is easy to handle. It is stable, maneuvers well, and can be trimmed easily for one person use by simply siting in the bow. It is great for fishing or day trips with a family member or a buddy. It has been a pleasure to own. I would highly recommend this canoe for an individual or a couple. GOD bless!!!

The 17' We-no-nah Spirit II (woven fiberglass) provided my family and friends with a lot of fun. The rail seat allowed the canoe to be trimmed easily. The canoe holds a tremendous amount of gear and is stable. It paddles well and tracks well too. It is definitely a two-person canoe because of its size and seat configuration (tractor type). I would highly recommend this canoe for family tripping, day outings, and general fun.