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Name: amillionmi

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I have owned my Discovery 169 for approx 8 years and absolutely love it!!! I use on may different rivers a year all over Michigan and I use it to fish out of at my local lake. All around a great design, stable, strong, dependable, and comfortable. Thanks Old Town!!

I love my Mohawk Solo 13!! So light weight and easy to take around, well, solo of course! Great for rivers and zipping through obstacles, handles like a kayak but more comfortable for a big fella like me!

I just purchased an Old Town Guide 147 and Its great. I am an avid canoeist and operated over 20 different model canoe's over the past 15 years, anywhere from nice sleek plastic canoe's to the old honkin giant bent to crap aluminum boats. I finally was able to save enough pennies and go buy my first canoe. My wife and I normally go canoeing on rivers and waterways, but this weekend we just wanted to test out our new vessel and took it to a lake at a local park. Whoever said it was tippy? This is a very stable canoe, I can see if you get it up on a log on the keel, you may find it more tippy than your typical flat bottom canoe. I thought for having it out in the middle of a windy lake, that it handled great and tracked very well. We can't wait to take it down the Pine River and really test her out. 10 out 10 for us.