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Excellent design, well built, easy to assemble, and holds boats off hard surfaces. Great product.

First, I was immediately struck by the fine worksmanship, good finish, and great hatches on my Kasco; there is a striking difference between these on my boat and on my son's Carolina 13.5. I tried both the Oopik and the Kasco, and for me, 5'8" and 160 pounds, with short legs, the Kasco was by far the better fit. In fact the fit is excellent, helping to make this a very responsive kayak. It seems to have an excellent balance between initial and secondary stability, leans easily several degrees but difficult to lean beyond that. Very manueverable, turns well. These factors are also apparent in contrast to the Perception Carolina 13.5.Mine was an end of season former demo; it came with no rudder but so far I don't think it needs one; it did come with two bulkheads which I do consider important. In sum, far more boat than most of the pure rec boats, but small and light enough for one person to car top it easily. I my well pleased with the choice, no way would I trade; my son likes mine but still prefers his, which is as it should be.

During the past full season I found the Solo 14 to be an excellent boat for a beginner as well as for more experienced paddlers; I simply don't understand those to criticize it as being tippy, though perhaps the seat height has varied over the years. I both kneel and sit at different times; the seat is plenty high enough for my small feet to kneel comfortably. I also sometimes use a canoe paddle (love my cherry Nashwaak Cruiser), but when accompanying kayakers I often use a double which eliminates the kayak's speed advantage. It is certainly plenty stable for fishing and photography, as well as just "messing around". If anything, to me there is a bit too much initial stability at the expense of secondary stability and speed.

I use mine mostly on small and medium sized lakes as well as slow moving rivers, and have no trouble with tracking well, but appreciate its maneuverability. At 39 lbs (R-84 layup) it is a pleasure to load and unload, and is more than sturdy enough for the places I paddle. It has drawn many admiring comments from both other paddlers and bystanders; particularly those struggling with loading and unloading heavier tandem canoes. I am well pleased, and would recommend it to others without hesitation for these uses, and can't think of a better canoe for the person starting out. The Mohawk people have been helpful and a pleasure to deal with at every step.