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Name: CapnJimbo

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At the Ft Lauderdale Yakfishing Club, we are very familiar with the Scupper Pro and its lookalike, the RTM Tempo. There are very slight differences but not that you will find. The Tempo has better fittings, a slightly shallower seat, slightly less rocker. Thus it will track a bit better, but I doubt most will notice the difference.

Certainly the Pro/Tempo is one of the all time great designs, completely seaworthy, surfworthy, great capacity, reasonably fast - you can do no better for the price.

However one note: those who tell you there is no issue in a quartering wind are simply wrong. There is enough rocker that the bow does tend to catch the wind. Of course any experienced paddler can use the techniques of
1. shifting weight (to lee side)
2. gripping paddle to the lee and
3. adding a slight sweep to the lee side - all of which will compensate for the windage.

This is actually a minor issue, but let's be clear about this. Still - perhaps the best all-around kayak on the market.