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Had carpel tunnel release surgery last November and after my first outing with my old paddle this year, I knew I would have to try something else or get a new hobby. So took the plunge and bought a 220cm bent shaft Kaliste paddle. Have used it for the last week on vacation in northern Michigan and have to say it was certainly worth the expense.

It is incredibly light weight and the finish is beautiful. It took me no time to adjust to the bent shaft (my old paddle was a standard shaft Swift paddle which is also a good paddle) and I after a week of frequent paddling, I have not had any issues with the soreness / numbness in my hand or forearm.

I did notice a bit of flutter when I first began using the paddle but that has vanished after I became accustomed with the paddle. It certainly is expensive, but I think you get what you pay for and this is one great paddle that I see lasted me for many years to come.

I purchased a new red NH16 a few weeks ago after a few months of research on what was to be my next boat. I have owned an OT Otter and Wilderness systems Pamlico 140, so my experience up to this point has been using rec boats only.

The NH16 has moderate initial stability and excellent secondary stability. Going from a rec boat to this was an adjustment for me, but after about 10 minutes on the water I became used to lower initial stability and now after around 15 hours on the boat I absolutely love how it behaves on the water. I have been learning how to make sharp turns on edge where I'm leaning so much the waterline is way up on my spray skirt and the boat shows no sign of wanting to roll over. I took it out today to a lake that I usually paddle using my Pamlico 140. I covered about three times as much ground using the NH16 in the same 3 hour timeframe due to the NH16s speed and ease of paddling. The boat really scoots across the water and glides well (again relative to what I'm used to). On Lake Michigan I found that using the drop skeg was helpful when dealing with winds and rough waters. The fit and finish on the boat are excellent and despite numerous unsuccessful attempts to roll (followed by successful wet-exits thankfully), no water has entered into either hatch. I have even learned to do paddle float re-entries using the NH16.

I bought this boat because I wanted something that was faster than what I had and that would allow me to expand my abilities. This boat has met those needs and has been a blast to paddle. I love the way it paddles and the way it looks. For me, it is the perfect kayak.

Bought this to replace my lotus mildwater that was recalled. Jacket fits great, very good range of motion without any binding. I like the zipper front better than the buckles I had on the mildwater. Does not interfere with the seatback on my pamlico 140 unless I raise the seat to its highest setting. The reflective tape on front and back add to visibility as does the mango / yellow color I chose. So far I am very pleased with the pfd and would recommend it.

Bought the otter from Dicks for 200 dollars on sale with coupons. My wife and 8 year old son absolutely love it. Now my kayak trips can be solo or family outings. I puttered around with the otter too and it is very quick to turn and fun to play on. Added a spray skirt and foot pegs. My wife likes using the skirt to keep the sun off her legs (keeps her dry too). Perfect, fun, lightweight kayak for playing around on flatwater and mild rivers.

Took my new Pamlico 140 out twice this past weekend on two local lakes. Conditions were very calm and the water in both instances was a sheet of glass. As advertised, the boat is very stable and I had no concerns about tipping even when attempting leaning turns. Since this is my first kayak it is difficult for me to say how fast or well the boat turned. It did seem to take a few strokes to get it going in the direction I intended. Using the rudder made turns a snap. Eventually, my stroke will improve (looking for a good kayak class) so I don't doubt my stroke could be part of the issue. The phase 3 seat is fantastic and the bulkhead, stern hatch are nice features.

Taking the kayak off of my Subaru wagon (using J style yak rack from Thule) is a bit of a chore by myself. The kayak is supposed to weigh 56 pounds but I think it is more than that when you throw in the rudder. Carrying the kayak from the car to the put in is a task I care to not have to do to often. I'll be getting a yak cart to save my back. Overall, pleased with the kayak and will be using it often for casual paddling alone or with my son sitting in front of me and perhaps a bit of fishing. At $400, the price could not be beat!