Name: ScoutWalden

Most Recent Reviews

Bought this Kayak used a few years ago and it is excellent! Paddles easy and fast, compared to a similar sized Walden. Storage is good, enhanced with the dash pocket. There is plenty of room for a 250-pounder and some gear.
The bungee lines add value and are well placed for on-board and shore access. Carry handles are the best of my small fleet.

This boat is easy to steer and to cover distance without frequent correction strokes. I prefer an along boat paddle holder to the across-boat holder on this on. It is, however, easy to add.
Dirigo 120 is an easy boat to recommend.

Nine months with a 12 foot Kestrel HV. It is the fastest and straightest boat (three others) that I have. Very comfortable for 6'1" 250# paddler. I had to repair the foot brace: the peg broke off. Current Designs provided original equipment replacement with no problem.

Downside? No easy access to on-board storage when on the water. There is no day hatch or bottle holder.
I would recommend this boat to a friend.

Second Dirigo line kayak for me (the other is a Dirigo 120). Bought this to upgrade from a Zydeco to get the bulk head and higher capacity for me (6'1" 250#)

This boat is for local flat water lakes and creeks. Desire for mobility and carry ability for my spouse. The 106 satisfies these requirements, but it is hard to keep on a straight line. Other than that it is a fine day boat for flat or gently moving water.

Six years in a Scout. It is my go-to boat for photos and canal paddling. We call it the "Party Barge" for the cooler hatch in back.

It has been easy to add accessories and features: dashboard, deck rigging, paddle holder bungee, cap lifter, bilge pump bracket, etc.
Best boat for carrying a non-paddling passenger: my dogs!

This was the first boat spouse and I bought. It is too small for me to paddle comfortably. Flat water only! For me it was way too top heavy in water with texture, but I am at the outside of its specs.

Wiggles and meanders while paddling, but easy enough to average the wiggles and head in the general desired direction.
Not a bad little boat, but not my boat.