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I love my Epic V10S. For the past five years I have competed in a number of adventure triathlons in my Wilderness System Tempest. While she did the job I was constantly chasing the leaders so this spring I purchased a V10s surfski.

Initially, I was uneasy in the boat. The boat was long (20ft) and narrow (19 in) compared to what I was used to paddling. It felt unstable and tippy compare to my Tempest. However, the more I paddled the V10s the more confident I became. Soon it felt as stable as my Tempest.

The V10s is a sit on top and very easy to get in and out off. The foot pedal rudder system is easy to adjust and turns on a dime. Which is a big plus when you are paddling a 20ft kayak. It is extremely light and easy to load and unload. I have the performance model which is a mix of fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar. It handles well in choppy water. And did I mention the V10s is extremely fast! I love the speed in open water paddles and for races. Minimum effort is needed to reach top cruising speeds.

Following the mantra "If you want to paddle faster, then paddle everyday." I was out in the water everyday my V10s. My upgrade to the V10s paid off in dividends this race season. Two first place finishes due impart to the my V10s. I would highly recommend this surfski to anyone who loves going fast in the water.