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Name: Jewel

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I had purchased this paddle just the other day July 2,2020. I bought a 220 cm as I paddle a tsunami 125 and was finding the 230 cm I had was to long. I fell in love with this paddle from a video so I thought I would order it and give it a shot.

I absolutely love this paddle. Not only is it beautiful it is amazing to paddle with. I have only been kayaking for a year and using a 230 was killing my elbows and I kept moving my hands on the shaft. Never keeping proper form. So after speaking with someone at about what I should use he recommended a 220 and agreed on the bending branches navigator I was looking at. Said it had great reviews and it was an awesome paddle.

After an evening of paddling at lake last night, I fell in love. My elbow is still recovering and healing but this paddle caused no pain while paddling as it is light. Having the right length sure make a difference. It was like every stoke you made once you completed your follow through the paddle head being wood just popped out of the water with no resistance. Helping you along for your next stoke. With the weight and the ease of paddling I had no discomfort or exhaustion. I could of paddled all night!

I would highly recommend this paddle to anyone. I really love it. So happy with my decision to spend the money.

Happy Paddling!