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Name: paddler1470097

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This canoe is designed for carrying all types of loads quickly from place to place. The load can be a family outing for a picnic, a fishing trip with lots of gear, or hunting equipment. In addition, because of the canoe's width, it is inherently stable and very good for children to use while becoming comfortable canoeing. Designed for use with a motor, it still paddles well. I have used an older Royalex model for years on all sorts of water and in all reasonable conditions, paddling and with 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 h.p. gas motors without any difficulty. In my opinion, it was never designed to be used in more than Class 2 rapids but does quite well there. Although obviously not as fast as a narrower canoe, it responds to paddling inputs immediately and is maneuverable. This is a totally satisfactory general purpose canoe.