Name: DusXyz

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Nice small bag. Good quality.
I use it as my hydration pack on nearly every trip and it works well for that. I have had to workout a system to clip my hydration nozzle to the bag, and if I am paddling in 'unclean' water it can be a little unsettling to drink from the nozzle since it will be exposed to the same water. I carry a small anchor, float and rope in the bag as well.. which allows to jump out and go snorkeling without pulling to shore :)
Something to know, the bag is NOT water proof, and it doesn't try to be. It has thick mesh built into the underside back as a drain panel. I imagine this could be helpful if you roll as this will allow fast drainage. Anything that needs to be protected from water needs to be in a dry bag. I use a few small drybags for things like my electronic car key, which I clip to the inside of the bag.

Works great, and I especially appreciate that it fits my hydration bladder.