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Valentine's Gift Ideas For The Special Paddler In Your Life

Valentine’s Day is an intimate and romantic holiday for those with a special someone. Planning the best Valentine’s Day and finding the perfect gift for the sweetheart in your life, however, can be stressful. If you have a paddling significant other then there is good news. There are several unique and creative ways to spend Valentine’s Day that incorporate paddling, and there are tons of great Valentine’s Day gift options for those who love kayaking, canoeing, or SUP boarding as much as they love you.

To plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for the paddling lover in your life try editing paddling footage to make a video set to music of some epic paddling footage. For gifts, consider safety gifts like sun protection and PFDs. Or you can opt for fashion and accessories like sunglasses, UV-filtered water bottles, and thermoses. When you live somewhere warm, create a floating picnic or paddle to a nice sunset dinner.

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day and finding the right gift can be stressful. But it doesn't need to cause you any anxiety if you are shopping for a paddler. If you need a bit of inspiration on how to woo your paddling partner this February, then keep reading. From romantic paddling trips to personalized and thoughtful gifts, this list of top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for paddlers is guaranteed to have something perfect for the kayaker, SUP boarder or canoer in your life.

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Paddling Partner

1. Plan A Romantic Floating Picnic

Valentine’s Day falls in February, which means cold weather in many parts of the world. But there are still many regions where paddling is possible in February. If you are blessed to live in a region with year-round paddling opportunities then consider planning a romantic paddling date on the holiday.

One fun way to add romance to a typical paddle is to pack a picnic. Chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne (just don’t paddle drunk), and other easy-to-eat treats (think sushi and finger sandwiches) make for a great picnic. You can paddle to a secret beach, or float in calm waters in one of your favorite bays. Just make sure to remember your anchor so you don’t drift away.

A romantic paddling picnic is a great way to incorporate your appreciation for your significant other, and it shows that you understand and share in his or her interests as well. It’s also a great photo opportunity and a unique and active way to spend this holiday. Best of all - there is no need to make restaurant reservations, and you are guaranteed the best seat in the house.

2. Paddle To A Romantic Sunset Dinner

If a paddling picnic seems like too much work, don’t worry there is another great option for you. Instead of paddling with your dinner, consider paddling to your dinner. You can book a dinner reservation at a waterfront restaurant and find a route/method to paddle to the destination.

It may take a bit of coordinating cars in different locations, and possibly a quick change of clothing, but it is a great way to live the outdoors fantasy as well as the pampering of a nice restaurant meal. Make sure you make the reservations in advance and map out your route, coordinating all the moving parts beforehand.

3. Book A Couples Paddling Excursion

One of the best gifts you can give your paddling sweetheart is the gift of a paddling excursion. This is even more special if it is a trip you can accompany your partner on. Look around to find the right paddling excursion for you and your partner. Find something you will both enjoy and ideally in a location neither of you has visited.

What’s great about this gift is you can purchase a trip that is the same weekend, or one that is months out. This is ideal for those who want to give a paddling-infused Valentine’s Day gift but live in a region where it is frigid in February.

4. Give The Gift Of Safety To Show You Care

If you have ever found yourself worried about your partner when he or she embarks on a particularly long or daring journey, then use Valentine’s Day as a chance to give the gift of safety. There are several options you can choose from to help ensure your loved one stays safe when paddling.

One great safety gift is a new and improved PFD. Life jackets are essential, but sometimes paddlers would rather spend money on other gear rather than upgrading a PFD. A new PFD is sure to provide a nice fit and safety on the water.

You can also consider navigation equipment, which can include apps for a phone or smartwatch, or a smartwatch for navigation. This is a great way to ensure your loved one always has contact and direction when paddling.

Shop Life Jackets (PFDs) by category.

5. Sun Protection Gifts

Paddlers always need sun protection, which makes this a gift that will always be used and appreciated. On Valentine’s Day, you might want to give your partner a particularly nice and fancy sunscreen to replace the cheap stuff.

You can also buy a sun hat or a breathable long shirt with UV protection. There are many options, so choose what suits your partner best, especially if you notice he or she has come home with sunburns from time to time after a long paddle.

6. An Upgraded Pair Of Sunglasses For Paddling

Many people opt to give designer gifts on Valentine’s Day. Some people like handbags, others like wallets and shoes, but what paddlers need most is a great pair of shades. Sunglasses protect a paddler’s eyes from harmful UV rays.

Well-made sunglasses for paddling and other watersports are polarized and block unwanted yellow and blue light. This allows paddlers to see where they are going and often allows them to see what’s under the water, which helps them avoid any potential hazards.

An upgraded pair of sunglasses is a great way to give the classic fashionable gift in a small package that has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day with the active and adventurous spirit that lives inside every paddler.

7. A UV Filter Water Bottle For Outdoors Enthusiasts

If the paddler in your life takes long overnight paddling trips, or often camps along rivers and lakes, then get a gift that is great for both the camper and paddler. A UV-filtered water bottle is an amazing and potentially life-saving accessory that any long-distance paddler will love - especially for those who paddle on fresh water frequently.

These water bottles use state-of-the-art UV filters to cleanse all sorts of river and lake water that would otherwise get your loved one very sick. These water bottles aren’t cheap - costing upwards of $100, but make a lasting gift for those with a thirst for adventure and a need for clean water.

8. An Electric Pump For Inflatable Boards

For those who own inflatable SUP boards or kayaks, you know that the portable electric pump is an incredible invention. Hand pumping is possible, but it is hard work. This is especially true if you are constantly inflating and deflating your paddling vessel before and after each use.

An electric pump is an affordable luxury that allows you to pump up a board quickly and easily. This way your partner can spend less time and energy on shore, and more out on the water. If your valentine has an inflatable board but no electric pump, then this is sure to be a fabulous gift.

9. A Personalized Raincoat Or Windbreaker

It’s fun to be cute and borderline corny on Valentine’s Day - after all that’s a big part of the holiday. One way to show off your soft side is to have paddling-specific garments personalized. Whether it is a name, nickname, or some other personalized phrase or symbol, adding something to a raincoat or windbreaker is a fun yet practical gift.

Every paddler needs some foul-weather gear, including a raincoat or windbreaker. This is why personalizing this type of item is perfect - because it will stay in his or her paddling arsenal for years, and it will be useful. Just make sure you pick the right size and style before having the item personalized.

10. A Hot And Cold Thermos

For a more budget-friendly gift, consider getting your partner a quality insulated thermos. Whether it’s a large water flask meant to keep beverages ice cold on a hot day, or a big thermos for soup or hot cider in the fall, a good thermos is always handy for a paddler.

You can get a quality thermos for less than $30, and a desirable name brand for less than $50. Make sure you pick a size that works well for the type of paddling your partner does. Consider getting a clip or holder for the water bottle to make it easy to keep it secured to the kayak or canoe.

11. Make A DIY Paddling Snacks Gift Basket

If you want to create a gift and make things a bit more personal, consider building a paddling-themed food gift basket. No epic paddling trip is complete without some delicious snacks.

Choose the best non-perishable snacks that the paddler in your life loves, and maybe buy some new ones he or she has never tried. You can build the snack box in a cooler bag, dry bag, or another type of bag that a paddler would appreciate to go full circle with the theme.

13. Waterproof Case Or Bag

Another practical and affordable Valentine’s Day gift option is to give the gift protection from water. Every paddler needs waterproof bags and cases. Sure, your partner probably has a few, but the odds are another case or dry bag wouldn’t hurt.

You can try asking a few vague questions, or even check to see the type of dry bags he or she already has and buy a different size. A dry backpack and waterproof phone case are always a good place to start, and it’s something you can both use - even when you aren’t paddling.

12. Plan A Romantic Getaway With Paddling Opportunities

If you want to splurge this Valentine’s Day this next option is for you. If you and your partner are also celebrating an anniversary or special occasion this year, then consider using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to book a romantic trip somewhere with bucket-list-worthy paddling.

This could be a chance to escape the winter, or even a getaway in the summer that you can daydream and look forward to for the coming months. Either way, a romantic getaway with paddling incorporated into the trip is sure to thrill both you and your partner.

14. Create A Video From Paddling Footage

Lastly, if you want to spend some time making something sentimental and possibly inspire a few happy tears, then you might want to start gathering video footage. Most paddlers take lots of videos with phones, GoPros, and more. The odds are you have also taken some shots of your partner embarking on a paddling journey or two.

With the help of easy-to-use video editing software, you can create a nice video that captures some of your partner’s best paddling memories in one epic video. Set it to a special song to make this even more sentimental and personal. This is the type of DIY gift that will live on forever and is sure to be appreciated by your paddling sweetheart.

Final Notes On Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Paddlers

If your partner has a love of kayaking, SUP boarding, or canoeing, then consider yourself lucky this Valentine’s Day. While this holiday might be hard for many to plan and shop for, it’s much easier once you decide to incorporate paddling into your Valentine’s Day.
If you live somewhere warm, consider a romantic floating picnic on your partner’s vessel, or paddle together to your favorite waterfront restaurant to catch an epic Valentine’s Day sunset.

If you live in a colder climate, you can give the gift of a paddling excursion in the future, or book an epic trip to a paddling destination you have both been dreaming of visiting. You can also get personal and sentimental with personalized clothing, a paddling-themed gift basket, or even make a video with footage from all your partner’s great paddling adventures.

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