The Wet Exit

Wet exit only applies to those who are paddling in touring or sea kayaks, because if you flip a paddling or recreational kayak, you'll simply fall out.

The wet exit is the first skill that anyone paddling a touring kayak should learn. Because, although it's not difficult, until you've done it you'll always be nervous about flipping.

If you're wearing a skirt, make sure that when you put it on you leave the ripcord out.


The first thing you'll do when you flip upside down is you'll tuck forward and find this ripcord. Ideally, you'll keep hold of your paddle with one hand, but you can also tuck it under your arm to keep it close as you get out.

Now, pull the ripcord to pop your skirt, then slide your hands back to your hips. Stay forward and push yourself out. You'll end up doing a bit of a forward roll out of your boat.


The trickiest part about this maneuver is fighting the instinct to lean back as you get out of your boat.


The problem with leaning back is that it raises your butt off the seat and presses your thighs against the thigh hooks, which only slows you down. The entire process of wet exiting will only take a few seconds. The more relaxed you are, the more smoothly it'll go.


Once you're out, grab your boat and paddle to speed up the whole rescue process.

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