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2020 Got You Down? A Sea Kayak Film to Cheer You Up

Just like the creator of this film, Tom Vetterl, most of us had big plans for 2020. Hopefully most of those plans were adventurous. But unexpected things happen and we have to adapt. Canceling or postponing trips has become inevitable for the immediate future but that does not mean we can not reminisce on memories of past expeditions or plan amazing ones for the future. This can be a time of reflection and anticipation. Use it wisely.

From Tom Vetterl:

"In 2020 we had big plans.

Several expeditions and trainings were in the making, I wanted to start my BCU education to become a sea kayak guide, there were lots of ideas for new films in the pipeline, a full 2020 schedule. Unfortunately all came different, all plans are cancelled or at least on hold, especially friends with businesses are struggling.

But, as sea kayakers we are used to being resilient- we never bust our heads in the sand!

With this film, my friends (from Moryak Premium Sea Kayaking, Expedition Paddler and ISKGA) and I want to encourage everyone to stay optimistic, make plans and concentrate on what can be done! Take online classes, plan your next expedition, reach out to friends, support your community, read books, learn something new, be creative!

We hope everyone is doing well out there, and we cannot wait to get back on the waters with you!

-Tom, Yuri and Jeff.

Check it out on Youtube.

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