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MTI Merges with Mustang Survival

2 Brands. 1 Passion.

August 1, 2020 -

Two brands with rich histories, evolving in an ever-changing landscape, building solutions engineered to encourage you to live beyond land. In a year that has presented many changes in how we experience life from accessing our groceries to connecting with friends and experiencing the outdoors, Mustang Survival & MTI Adventurewear are teaming up to change the way we deliver the gear that gets you out on the water.

The merger between MTI and Mustang Survival allows them to enhance their collective offerings and become the trusted industry leader in waterlife recreation, with product that spans activities from off-shore sailing, angling, boating, and now in a much larger way, paddling.

Combining the technical engineering of Mustang Survival with the design and development of MTI Adventurewear will provide a platform to build world-class premium white-water, rescue and guide level product. It will be a catalyst that drives us forward to achieving our vision of being a podium brand in this high-growth category.”

- Mustang Survival VP Recreation Product Category, Josh Horoshok

Long-time MTI owners Lili and Gordon Colby

MTI Adventurewear is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1991. Gordon and Lili Colby have been leading MTI through their passion for developing comfortable and approachable PFD’s for paddlers since they bought the business in 2011.

The best PFD is the one someone will wear, and it’s been our mission to make getting into and wearing a PFD as easy and accessible as we can.

- Lili Colby

Be sure to check out both Mustang Survival and MTI Adventurewear in the Gear Guide to see the family of life jackets and paddling gear!

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