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How to Kayak with Kids

When paddling in tandem kayaks with kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. Of course, it should go without saying that kids always need to wear PFDs, and you should know that an adult- sized life jacket isn't suitable for them. There are many affordable kid-sized PFDs on the market to choose from.

Type of Kayak 

While any type of tandem kayak is great for paddling with kids on warm water, sit-on-tops are especially great because they are like a moveable floating raft where kids can jump off and hop back on, and they never fill up with water.


The best place for kids to sit is up front so that you can control the kayak and keep your eyes on them at the same time. Young ones can even sit between the parent's legs in tandem and single kayaks.

Keep it Fun & Loose! 

Paddling with kids can be incredibly fun. Just remember that kid's attention span is quite short, so don't set lots of goals. It is also important that you introduce enough structure to your time on your water to keep things safe while at the same time not smothering kids with rules. 

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