How to Cartop Multiple Boards

First of all, what I like to do is put the straps on first, because it's kinda hard to do that after you load all the boards. So I wrap the two straps in the front. Put them right in the middle of the rack and just run them over the hood of the car. Then we're gonna load up the boards. I'm gonna load eight boards. They weigh about 25 pounds each, so that's a total of about 200 pounds. So make sure your roof racks can handle that weight.

I like to put the boards fin forward with the biggest ones on the bottom. Stagger the fins so that they don't touch, leaving a little gap between the back of the board and the fin to make sure that they don't touch each other when you strap them down.

Okay, once you got your boards loaded up, you just take this strap that your strung in earlier and just pull it over the top. You're gonna put it over all of the fins. And then adjust the strap so that the buckle is on the side of the boards, like this. And that way, you can tighten them by pulling the strap down onto the boards. If you're driving a long distance it's a good idea to leave a little twist in the straps on the top, so they don't make a humming noise when you're driving.

So buckle one side down and then do the same thing on the other side. Make sure it gets over all the fins. Either loop it over there or you might have to step into the car and reach up there to get the strap over all the fins. Once again, adjust the length of the straps, so the buckle is on the side, so you can tighten it downward. No need to tie off the end, you can just throw the end into your car and close the door on it.

Okay, so we got both sides strapped on in the front. I'm not going very far, so today on the back I'm just gonna just do one strap all the way around. And if you don't have a long strap, you can also use two short straps, which I'm going to do here. I'm just going to throw one strap from one side and then one strap from the other side. And then, connect them together to make one long strap that connects them together. So I'm just going to connect this one on this side, go around and then connect this one on the other side. And same thing, if you can get the buckle to line up so it's on the side, you just pull down to tighten it. It's a little bit shorter. Pull down on the strap to tighten them down. There we go. This is a nice tight fit.

So, if you are driving a longer distance or a higher speed you can add another safety strap all the way over all the boards and then run it through the inside of your car. So that way, if for some reason your rack fails, or whatever happens, worst case scenario, your boards are actually connected through the inside of your car. So basically, your whole car roof would have to come off for you to lose your boards. So, I like to do this if I'm gonna drive fast on the freeway or something like that. Just an extra precaution running an extra strap through the inside of your car. And you're all good to go.

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