How to Brace a SUP

SUP Low Bracing and SUP High Bracing

This is going to be really important to learn to navigate whitewater, it keeps you from falling off your board so it's very basic.

SUP Low Brace

The low brace uses the non-power face of the paddle. You are going to put this down on the water to the side of the board and just slap the water with the paddle. The low brace is a good way to stabilize you to keep you standing on your board.

SUP High Brace

Place the paddle out to the side of the board about 2-3 feet. Your going to slap the paddle as it hits the water and this is going to give you some stability. It will also pull your board a little bit towards the paddle which will help keep you in a straight line. This is a great stroke to combine with a forward stroke, or you can simply do one high brace after another until you have completed that part of the river.

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