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Easy Steps to Kayaking with Your Dog

Paddling with your dog is a great way to bond and enjoy the outdoors together. In this video, Jess with Oru Kayak shares a few tips and easy steps for getting your dog on the water for a safe and enjoyable kayak trip.

Tips for Paddling with Your Dog

  • While on land, you want to get your dog familiar with the kayak first. Lots of incentive and positive reinforcement can help get a dog excited to get in the boat.
  • "Sit" and "in the boat" are important commands for your dog to learn.
  • Always put a life jacket on your dog. A Dog PFD with a top handle is great for pulling your dog out of the water if they jump in.
  • Your first time kayaking with a dog should be in calm conditions, so that you won't run into too many problems. You can get a good feel for everything without getting too nervous.
  • Using a non-slip mat (such as a bath mat or yoga mat) can help your dog get their bearings and stay in place better.
  • If your dog gets distracted by something on the water, you can get tousled around and lose your balance. "Sit" is an important command for them to know, so that you can rebalance the kayak.
  • Consider the size of your cockpit if you plan to kayak with your dog. If you have a bigger dog, a larger or open cockpit is ideal.
  • Having a longer and wider kayak is also ideal, as the extra stability can offset your dog shifting their weight around in the boat.

For more kayaking tips, visit Oru Kayak on Youtube.

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