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First Aid

Camping & Survival

Basic Paddling Gear in Emergencies

I am a firm believer in the multiple utility of gear – getting the most out of each piece of equipment, partic…

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How to Stop Blisters

Kayakers need to know how to treat blisters and, more importantly, how to prevent them. Blisters are common on…

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Approaching A Panicked Swimmer

When I began teaching, I taught my students to get to the capsized boater quickly to affect a speedy recovery.…

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Seasickness While Kayaking

Any paddler who has suffered the green-gilled demon of seasickness, with the dizziness, nausea, excessive sali…

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Fish Hook Removal Technique

I got a good fish on a crank bait bite first thing this morning and as I go to lift it, the fish jumps and thi…

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