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First Aid

Camping & Survival

Survival Sense for Paddlers

One day, it's bound to happen: your attempted beach landing in the surf fails and your boat is swept away whil…

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Treating the Big Chill

Only once have I suffered the ill effects of hypothermia. Once was enough, however, for me to quickly realize …

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First-aid Kits & Allergic Reactions

My wife and I were portaging in the far north when our dog, Bailey, disturbed a nest of wasps and brought them…

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Beyond the First Aid Kit

Have you looked through an outdoor gear catalog recently? We are a highly specialized society – even down to o…

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Paddlers First Aid Kit

A good first-aid kit perhaps falls into the same category as a rain jacket, an automobile spare tire, and an…

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New Simplified CPR Procedure

I feel it’s very important that kayakers who tend to paddle in groups have at least one person who is versed i…

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Building the Paddler's First Aid Kit

It's late on Sunday, and you've been out on the water for nearly four days, paddling through country that you …

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Creek Boating Safety Equipment

Creekboating is as much a game of strategy as it is a sport. Half of your time on creeks is spent scouting, an…

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Sun Protection Primer for Paddlers

A month before paddling on the surreal clarity of the Caribbean Sea just off the island of Roatan, I had spent…

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