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First Aid

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Paddlers First Aid Kit

A good first-aid kit perhaps falls into the same category as a rain jacket, an automobile spare tire, and an…

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New Simplified CPR Procedure

I feel it’s very important that kayakers who tend to paddle in groups have at least one person who is versed i…

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Building the Paddler's First Aid Kit

It's late on Sunday, and you've been out on the water for nearly four days, paddling through country that you …

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Creek Boating Safety Equipment

Creekboating is as much a game of strategy as it is a sport. Half of your time on creeks is spent scouting, an…

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Sun Protection Primer for Paddlers

A month before paddling on the surreal clarity of the Caribbean Sea just off the island of Roatan, I had spent…

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Basic Paddling Gear in Emergencies

I am a firm believer in the multiple utility of gear – getting the most out of each piece of equipment, partic…

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How to Stop Blisters

Kayakers need to know how to treat blisters and, more importantly, how to prevent them. Blisters are common on…

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Approaching A Panicked Swimmer

When I began teaching, I taught my students to get to the capsized boater quickly to affect a speedy recovery.…

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Seasickness While Kayaking

Any paddler who has suffered the green-gilled demon of seasickness, with the dizziness, nausea, excessive sali…

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