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Natural History

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Viewing Birds & Other Wildlife

Wildlife viewing, particularly birding, is an extremely popular activity among paddlers. The shallow draft acc…

Tags: Kayak

On Viewing Puffins

A tourist approached a charter pilot friend of mine one summer day on Kodiak Island. He was inquiring about th…

Tags: Kayak, Canoe

Observing Bears from Kayaks

From the bow of the charter boat it appeared to be a clump of dirt motoring across the head of the bay - liter…

Tags: Bears, Kayak

Face to Face with Sea Lions

On land they are Jabba the Hutt impersonators from the Star Wars film sagas. When seen swimming unde…

Tags: Kayak, wildlife

Wildlife Encounters on the Water

"Eager to catch up and excited to begin the river journey, I pushed off into the river - and then was startled…

Tags: Kayak, Canoe, wildlife, Bears, Safety

Kayak Birding - The Untold Stories

The bald eagle, appearing as big and stout as a fire hydrant, stood statuesque atop a kelp-covered rock at wat…

Tags: Kayak

Why Do Rivers Curve?

MinuteEarth provides an energetic and entertaining view of trends in earth's environment -- in just a few…