Canoe Care & Maintenance

With proper care and storage a canoe will last a lifetime.



 The ideal way to store a canoe is upside down, supported by the gunwales. If you're going to store your canoe outside, you're going to want to protect it from the sun. And this doesn't mean throwing a tarp over it. Because the tarp will actually trap heat and moisture and do more harm than good.


To keep composite canoes looking great use a car or boat wax on the outside. For plastic canoes, use a UV protectant to help shield the plastic from the sun's damaging rays.

Wood Trim

 Wood is sometimes used as trim for gunwales or seating. Now if they're varnished, all they will require is a light sanding and re-coating every few years. But if they're oiled, you're going to have to retreat them at least once a year.

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Wood & Canvas Care

 Wood and canvas canoes need a lot more care. The best way to keep a wood or canvas canoe in good shape is to avoid tracking in mud or sand because the grit will wear away the finish. For that reason, it's a good idea to keep the boat as clean as possible, and when you do get scratches you'll want to seal them up right way.

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