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Articles by Jim Baird

Axe Use in the Backcountry

We have decided to make camp after paddling through a foggy abyss like day. And it's time to go get wood. Here…

Tags: camping, axe, fire

The Float Plane Experience

In this video, wilderness adventurer Jim Baird documents his float plane ride into the wilderness to Lac Fonte…

Tags: Video, Canoe, float plane

Canoe Spray Decks

Here on day four. I camped about two kilometeres from Kesagami lake. Huge massive lake. When I get there I'm g…

Tags: Spray Cover, Canoe, Video

Dumping Your Canoe on Rapids

Okay, well, we got another big rapid here. Seems the lower portion of the rapids section on the Kesagami has g…

Tags: Video, Canoe

How to Navigate Rapids

Fourth day of just rain, rain, rain. After two days you start to feel a little down, everything is soaked, you…

Tags: Video, Canoe, navigation, whitewater

How to Make Canoe Corrective Strokes

Another beautiful day here on the Kesagami. This would be day three, if you count the day I got dropped off. O…

Tags: Video, Canoe