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17 Ways to Paddle That You Don't Need to Know

How many of these techniques have you tried? Yes, some are a little unorthodox, but what's paddling without a little fun? Of course, he forgot the #1 technique which is Always Wear a Life Jacket!

Check them out:

  1. Standard (0:03)
  2. The Canadian (0:06)
  3. The Kajaker (0:14)
  4. Stand Up Paddle (0:19)
  5. The Beginner (0:26)
  6. The Rowing Guy (0:42)
  7. Overcompensating guy (0:47)
  8. I-know-how-to-do-that-guy (0:54)
  9. The Windmill (1:00)
  10. The Crutches (1:07)
  11. The Stick (1:14)
  12. The Gondolier (1:25)
  13. Where's my paddle? (1:34)
  14. The Plank (1:43)
  15. The "oh well" (1:50)
  16. The scientific diver (2:00)
  17. How it's meant to be (2:16)

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