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The Orca was a great starter…

Submitted by: bfexploring on 7/25/2020
The Orca was a great starter boat for me. It a solid Corelite layered construction and great outfitting typical with P&H boats (the parent company). I purchased mine second hand and it came equipped with what I think is an aftermarket rudder with cord cleat deployment (no skeg) but I didn't find that I used that very much and it was much easier to simply edge the boat. Overall found the boat very stable due to the hard chines and relatively wide beam but also with enough rocker to turn fairly easily but not too much that you had to constantly correct your trajectory by edging or use the rudder. I mostly used the boat on lakes and large rivers so I can't comment much on how it handles in ocean current. The bulkheads allowed for plenty of storage on camping trips and the deck outfitting is adequate for all your gear. I prefer the pop on hatch covers over the strap down (older style) ones on this boat, they seemed to work well and keep the bulkheads dry, especially after resealed the bulkheads with some Lexel silicone. I also love the adjustable ratcheting back band which is a P&H feature on other boats. Overall it's a great boat, but I preferred models with a skeg to the rudder design of this one, and I also found the seat design would make my legs go asleep, which was a deal-breaker for me.

I have a pyrhanna set up for…

Submitted by: paddler228276 on 4/29/2003
I have a pyrhanna set up for tandem use. My wife and I absolutely love this boat! We paddled the shoshonee section of the colorado river in colorado(class III/IV) and the boat was superb! I would not want to be on that section in any other tandem boat. We stayed dry going over big drops and holes and running monster waves! (Try that with a caption.) Best tandem ever! I, along with other open boaters hope Nolan produces more of these great canoes in the future.

I just bought one of these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/5/2002
I just bought one of these boats used and i am in love with it. I took it out on a test run on a local class III and sufice to say i should have swam. I failed to manuever around a rock and got hung up and backwards. I ran through 3 foot waves backwards and didnt take on a drop of water. The only water that came in the boat was when i dropped a 7 foot fall and some splashed in. This boat will turn on a dime and give you change, I hate the fact that Nolan is going to stop building them. If he ever starts back I will be sure to get in on his waiting list. Ten Plus.