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Molokai Paddle

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This Product Has Been Discontinued

Molokai Paddle Description

The Molokai Paddle is a paddle brought to you by Werner Paddles. Read Molokai Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

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Molokai Paddle Reviews

Read reviews for the Molokai Paddle by Werner Paddles as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

It piddles! It paddles! It...

It piddles! It paddles! It makes your deltoids skeedaddle! It tears your aching limbs off if you don’t show it respect in the form of a practiced yet strong torso rotation. If being in the doghouse is a sign of being a bad paddle, this carbon 220 cm Molokai is the resident rabid Doberman Pincher at the Werner kennel. Agreeing wholeheartedly with reviewer Sploosh below, I strongly advocate this paddle for a powerful paddler who is “one” with his (no “hers” need apply to team Werner Molokai—it’s not you, it’s the paddle) latissimus dorsi and serratus anterii (i.e. the trunk muscles). I'm a high angle paddler but this behemoth paddle can turn my shoulders into a slithering mass of black cherry Jell-o if I show it a hint of “arm”. Keep to the torso, and we are talking about a paddle that will accelerate with the best of them. Why wouldn’t it--the blade is the size of a snow shovel. Perhaps they should have called it the Werner Snow Devil.

Lightweight, my all carbon, bent shaft model is a pleasure to look at. It grabs a washtubful of water per stroke but exacts the toll from your shoulders; you can definitely feel it’s wrath after about 20 minutes of paddling. I would not recommend this paddle for an all day sojourn unless you’re name is Popeye and you remembered to put a can of spinach in your day hatch. I've learned to use a lower paddle angle for self preservation, but a Werner Camano would likely serve anyone better overall for a long tour. I use the Molokai with my lickety-split Prijon Barracuda as a workout paddle and it does excel if you will be on the water for a short time (30-60 minutes) and wish to develop a torso like Michelango’s David. If you are more the Jacques Cousteau-Marlin Perkins animal observer type, you will want to get no closer to Molokai than a trip to it’s namesake island.

Werner has, as of this writing, discontinued the Molokai. Too much liability with dislocated shoulders, perhaps. I own a large bladed Werner Corryvrecken fiberglass, which I enjoy soundly, and when I compare the blades, they are only slightly different in geometry, and about the same size. I am certain that the transparent, thin fiberglass weave of the Corryvrecken (still my favorite overall paddle) allows just enough “give” to make paddling it a pleasure. For even more ease of high angle paddling, I own and recommend the smaller bladed Werner Shuna—particularly promising for female and youth paddlers.

I've got a few hundred...

I've got a few hundred miles on my Molokai now and really like the paddle. My boat is a WS T-165, I'm a 50 year old, 6'2" paddler. My Molokai is a 220cm, RH at 60 degrees. I paddle year round and would like to see more defined indexing at the grip area of the shaft for glove use. The Molokai catches and exits nicely for me and my stroke. Bracing is great with this big blade and screw rolls are a cinch given the high amount of boyancy the Molokai delivers with the sweep stroke. The Rocky Mountains are hard on paddles, especially the blades. The Molokai is holding up very well in this regard. Shaft union remains nice and snug.

All in all, my favourite paddle, having aced out my Kauai. A great blade for the energetic paddler or a larger paddler who likes a relaxed cadence with dramatic forward propulsion. Caution: The Molokai is aggressive enough in the water that one's forward stroke needs to be in tune in terms of torso rotation. Don't try to 'arm power' this paddle. Pleasant waters to ya.

A definite 10. Strong...

A definite 10. Strong paddlers will add mph to their boat with this paddle if they are moving up from the standard fair sold to noob paddlers. This paddle cut my times for 6 miles by 15 mins. I have paddled multiday trips with this paddle with 8-10 hours in the cockpit...and don't know why people say you can't paddle all day with this type of paddle. I paddle a 14.5ft boat along with friends in longer and faster hulls and this paddle helps me maintain a 4.0-4.5 cruising speed all day. Now all I need is a fast hull to match the paddle. Too bad they don't manufacture this model now.

I've used this paddle for...

I've used this paddle for 1 1/2 years and like it alot. I paddle 12 - 15 miles 3 times per week and I started to have shoulder pain. I thought it was the paddle, then I bought a forward stroke video and altered my style. I no longer have shoulder pain. Yep, it grabs alot of water. That's what I wanted. The fit of the two halves is perfect! Not loose, but just perfect. I would like to have more oval in the grip however. I will use this paddle for racing and also for day trips. Conclusion: Very pleased!

See my review of the...

See my review of the Molokai under the "Werner paddles" category. My review is date 1-28-00. Two years later, I still love it. Strong, powerful, a MAN'S paddle. Buy one! You won't be sorry!

It flutters! It dives! It...

It flutters! It dives! It blows in the wind! It rips your bloody arms off! I'm a more aggressive paddler than most but I'm no match for this monster paddle. It grabs a lot off water but exacts the toll from your shoulders. I enjoy this paddle for 20 minutes, but after that its a struggle. I've learned to use a lower paddle angle for self preservation. A high angle causes more fluttering, diving and flying in the wind. It's completely unmanagable with my 27" wide Islander Ventura, but works a lot better with my sleek Cobra Eliminator.

If you don't paddle very far, have a fast boat and gorilla shoulders (or are trying to build gorilla shoulders) you may like this paddle. It's light and well-built. It's the best paddle I own for paddling my Eliminator. But that will change when I can save $300 for something better.

Wow! I have a Wilderness...

Wow! I have a Wilderness Systems Tarpon, and wanted to get all the speed out of it I could. Tried a couple of other touring paddles, and my retailer suggested I try the Molokai. The combination of light weight and really powerful stroke force is AWESOME. If you are fit and want to make your kayak accelerate pronto, then maintain flank speed with minimum exertion, I challenge you to find a sweeter paddle. I am 100% hooked on this BadBoy!

I have the Molokai...

I have the Molokai (full-size high-angle) in 230 cm one-piece non-feathered and I LOVE it!! This paddle gives plenty of power and is NOT overly demanding, at least for a bug guy like me. Acceleration is superb and cruising with it is just a delight since every little stroke gives plenty of thrust. Bracing is phenomenally easy with it too. It's light weight and comfortable shaft make for extreme user friendliness! Got mine with mango colored blades and the looks ain't bad either. Don't be intimidated by a full-size blade. The Molokai is SO GOOD that it just sorta becomes a part of you!