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Wenonah Canoe, Inc.
Moccasin Reviews

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I bought mine well used...

I bought mine well used from the original owner. This is a great boat for a kneeler j-stroking. It responds very well to correction, and is fairly quick. I often choose this canoe to pair with my buddies Magic, and there is no noticeable speed difference when we are both j-stroking. I consider this to be an under-rated solo canoe. It is one of my favorite hull designs from Wenonah, and I will not be selling this one.

Wenonah never had a clue,...

Wenonah never had a clue, they don't have a clue, and they never will have a clue ... what they have ... which is some of the best whitewater designs possible. Here is the formula: you take a sleek, minimalist solo design---exactly like the Moccasin---that works on a lake (Wenonah definitely knows what they are doing there)and you make the same boat out of Rx. Then, you trust the paddler to get their act together. Voila, you have an efficient, zero-rockered solo canoe that can be maneuvered, fully loaded, just fine in class 4 rapids provided that the human being is on it. Hey, the old times did it. Of course, mistakes happen. That's why you make the boat out of plastic. The Moccasin is the canoe design that, 200 years from now, will still be around. It does it all. And when the guys at Wenonah say that it's not suitable for big whitewater, it's because they are having too much fun paddling on all those lakes and not spending enough time testing their designs in the rocky stuff.

My Kevlar flex-core...

My Kevlar flex-core mocassin is the third solo canoe on the family rack, following a center-rib glass Wenonah Solitude and Old Town Pack. I like to solo on my knees and wanted a canoe i could feel comfortable in fishing on the Finger Lakes of Upstate N.Y. Auditioned this boat over a LaborDay weekend vs. a Bell Merlin and Wenonah Rondevous. The Merlin wins the speed points and glide points, but the Mocassin just fit me like a glove after the first hour on Canandaigua Lake. With glued in knee cups to hold the old bones in place, the Mocassin and i took on the 90mile Adirondack Classic the next weekend and both survived a day on Long Lake that blew over dozens of USCA cruisers and racing kayaks. Managed to do a kayak over canoe emptying of a downriver kayak that dumped in front of me and help get the kayaker back into his boat. Took on bigger waves than i thought the boat would ever stay upright in, and only took in water over the gunwales at the cockpit. The Mocassin does not turn as well as the shorter Bell Solos, but strikes a good balance between the freestyle oriented short solos and the marathon oriented longer sit and switch solos. Would take a Merlin or Magic or Prism on a long flatwater trip, but for getting out on any type of fishable water this boat has served me well for 7 years now. I paddle mostly with a carbon fiber bent shaft paddle, but have used an otter tale, willow blade, other traditional wooden paddles to play around in tight streams or for just fun on the local pond. It responds well to many different paddling styles, from single sided northwoods to marathon kneel and switch.

I've had my Moccasin for...

I've had my Moccasin for about a year and a half. Its construction is flex core kevlar and weighs about 38 lbs. I paddle it mainly flatwater swamps, medium rivers with no whitewater and large shallow lakes. With no rocker it tracks well and is quite fast with a bent shaft but will also turn reasonably well if healed over. Its a nice boat if you kneel as the canted forward cane seat is a little high for sitting although you can if your knees need a break. It's primary stability is fairly low but secondary stability is good. Compared to my other solos, a Prizm, Rendezvuos, and Mad River Independence, It's slower than the Prism, faster than the rest, not as good for waves and wakes as any of the others and not as maneuverable as the Rendezvuos or Independence.It feels tippier than any of the others. I like it a lot as it's a good compromise between the Prism's speed and the Independence's maneuverabilty.

This is the first and only...

This is the first and only solo boat that I have any experience with. I am very happy with this boat! I use it for fishing lakes around home, running a few rivers where I live, and took it on a 4 day trip in the Sylvania Widerness Area since I bought it lat April. It paddles easy, tracks well, and has good stability when kneeling. I would like to hear from anyone else who has used a Moccasin compared to other solo boats.