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Wenonah Canoe, Inc.
C1W Reviews

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I lusted after this canoe,...

I lusted after this canoe, but was talked into a different one by Karl Ketter 20 years ago. He was right. Most people bought these thinking it would be a good BWCAW/Quetico canoe, WRONG! The sides are too high, catch the wind too much and make your arms tired reaching over them, if the sides were 2" lower it would be perfect for BWCAW/Quetico.

This boat was designed as a downriver racer, that's what it's good for. It is quick but the tall sides prevent going fast for long. The tall sides do help in whitewater. I bought mine used, a Tuffweave, which makes it perfect for small rocky rivers with whitewater. Incredibly seaworthy and fun to paddle despite the tall sides, it’s just frustrating knowing you could go faster for longer if the sides weren’t so tall .

My Voyager is a much better canoe for BWCAW/Quetico but I like my C1W for what it is intended..

Wenonahs down-river race...

Wenonahs down-river race boat. Mine is in kevlar/ultralight foam. Weighs in at about 33lb. A very fast asymetrical hull, significantly faster than my Wenonah Prism, and surprisingly strong (witness several pretty good pins with no damage). Downside is a pronounced lack of initial stability, not my first choice for a fishin' boat! The initial "quivers" disappear once underway, and the boat handles most anything thrown at it gracefully, seemingly gaining stability as conditions get rougher. Big loads aren't a problem either. It works well on moving water class III and below as long as you have room to turn the beast. Did I mention turn? Oh, yea, it don't particularly like to turn. This is a real plus on flat water, but on a river, ya best aim for the bigger eddys if you really want to stop. Overall a great boat if a bit specialized. Oh. BTW, Wenonah will still build you one on a special order.