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Legend Reviews

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Nigel Foster Walden Legend…

Submitted by: paddler235852 on 8/18/2014
Nigel Foster Walden Legend 18... great tracking, clean lines, hard Chines, stable after getting the feel. Only complaint: rudder system difficult to repair, no parts, build sheets to show rudder removal. control wire not to be found yet...

After years of kayaking I got…

Submitted by: paddler233422 on 10/19/2009
After years of kayaking I got a used Walden Nigel Foster kayak and felt like a first time paddler. This is a demanding kayak requires many hours of practice and fun. It made me want to learn much more about rowing & rolling techniques. This kayak behaves well only if you are doing things right! This is an unforgiving kayak. Paradise for skilled paddlers

The Legend is a fantastic…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/5/2002
The Legend is a fantastic boat with amazing speed that allows it to surf fast long waves. The super hard chines allow great carved turns. This boat can be paddled by beginners, but I think it takes an advanced paddler to really appreciate its easy rolling and amazing secondary stability. I'm impressed by its bombproof lay-up and large yet still waterproof hatches. Great Skeg control on wire to avoid cable kinking. Is great for long board equivalent surfing in a kayak.

This is the first glass boat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/10/2001
This is the first glass boat I've owned and so far I very pleased. The most striking feature of this boat, is probably its hard chine. I've found the hard chine helps this boat track very straight allowing you to torque out on the paddle for some amazing speed. My Legend is outfitted with a skeg which I don't anticipate using very often because of how well this boat tracks without it. At the same time, as long as you're not afraid to put it on edge, this nearly 18' boat manuvers very well. It's initial stability is a bit shakey, but as soon as you lean it onto the chine it's steady enough to stand up in, trust me I know. A nice feature I enjoy is the sloped rear bulkhead which allows the cockpit to be compleatly emptied in a rescue and after cleaning. The hatch covers fit very tight, I've had to 'burp' them to allow expanding air out. After hours of practicing rolls and rescues, the hatches remain totally dry. The only alterations I would make in the design would be to lower the rear deck behind the cockpit allowing the paddler to lean back further, when rolling. I'd also pull the front bulkhead back to the end of the foot brace track, thus enlarging the front hatch and reducing the floodable volume of the cockpit. The only reason I didn't give this boat a higher rating is because despite the fact that it's a high end custom built line of kayak, Walden only offers the Nigel Fosters in a few colors.

This boat was very sensitive…

Submitted by: paddler229327 on 7/6/2001
This boat was very sensitive to the paddler size. Our group of mixed ability found that most of the guys didn't fit real well and initial stability was poor. It does have good secondary stability, but you have to be comfortable enough to have loose hips to enjoy that feature. The lighter girls floated considerably higher and loved the boat. The extra day storage area is a nice outfitting touch.

First real purchase of a new…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/14/2001
First real purchase of a new glass kayak. This boat is not for the faint of heart! The hard chines and narrow beam make it very quick and effortless to paddle, but as a result it's tippy at first. If you plan on long tours, fitness paddling, and the occaisional race, this boat will whip anyone out there. It's a boat you can most definitely grow with. I plan on keeping my Legend for as long as I can. I am saddened that the Walden Sports--Nigel Foster line of boats is not highlighted more in this buyers guide. But in a way it makes me feel good that I've got something unique. If you are thinking about a high end boat ($2500 +) do yourself a favor and paddle the Nigel Foster line from Walden Sports.