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KayakErg Description

The KayakErg is a accessory brought to you by Vasa, Inc.. Read KayakErg reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Vasa, Inc.
KayakErg Reviews

Read reviews for the KayakErg by Vasa, Inc. as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I would HIGHLY recommend...

I would HIGHLY recommend the Vasa Erg trainer. My wife and I use our Erg in our kayak and SUP training. In kayak mode, the trainer represents a realistic water grab and water resistance feel I didn't get on other trainers. With the recently added kayak seat we can now train all phases of our stroke from paddle placement, arm motion (use of mirrors), leg drive, rotation, and recovery.

Standing on a Bosu ball, in SUP mode the trainer really works stability muscles and core rotation. It is a great tool to have for those situations you can't get out on the water. Additionally, my wife uses it in her rehab from an accident. She had major injuries to her tailbone, several vertebrae, pelvis, and nerve damage. The Vasa Erg provides the ability to strengthen her core to not just recover, but to regain a lot of the strength and flexibility she had prior to the accident. Using the handles and leg straps there are several great movements she just couldn't get with our home free weight setup.

Great quality and great service... what are you waiting for?

I've had my Vasa Kayak Erg for one month now.... As a casual…

I've had my Vasa Kayak Erg for one month now....
As a casual, non-competitor who hasn't been on the water in a few years, the machine is working well as a "tune-up" so that I can actually get out on the water again this year. No problems with boredom, although I haven't been capable of going more than 15 minutes yet. More training to do.

Being a coach and athlete,...

Being a coach and athlete, I am always looking for ways to maximize training time. The Vasa Erg does just that! You can play with applying different amounts of force, at different phases of your stroke (both swimming and kayaking) to find what is optimal for you in generating max power. Then with continued refinement of your biomechanics, you can determine your maximum sustainable power for a given distance or time.

Great for coaches when teaching because the athlete is right there, head above water not down the pool or river. This allows for instant feedback and with some simple verbal cues, allows the athlete to make the necessary stroke corrections to improve efficiency. If time and conditions permit, try ten to fifteen minutes on the Vasa Erg for technique work, then into the water later in the day for swim or paddle. Great way to see if what you are working on while on the Vasa Erg, translates into more efficiency (Faster) in the water.

I use the Vasa for...

I use the Vasa for outrigger erg workouts, and find it to be quite useful. I use the kayak attachment, so it provides resistance at the bottom and top of my stroke. I used it during the winter to keep my stroke in shape and my endurance up to start 6-man season in March. Worked like a charm!

I've had the Vasa for 10...

I've had the Vasa for 10 months now and I am very satisfied, I'm 50 and a very keen ocean racing ski rider I'm looking to train for 15km races on Sydney harbour and multisport events in Australia and NZ

I imported the Vasa on the strength of the reviews and have not been disappointed at all. The feel is great, very realistic unlike one other I tried, this is something that should not be compromised on. I have found it great for building my core strength and working on my rotation.

The hardest thing about using a ergo is the boredom -trying to use it for 10 mins looking at yourself in a mirror is mind numbing but setting up a TV and watching episodes of the TV series "24" training for 40 mins is not a problem. There have been no mechanical issues so far but I would suggest buying the K1 seat option.

I used the Kayak Erg...

I used the Kayak Erg extensively when training for ultra endurance adventure races. I was amazed at how much in improved my strength, technique/stroke. The resistance is very water like and smooth- progressive. If you can't get to the water, or want to supplement your training, this is the best device on the market.

I've owned the Vasa for...

I've owned the Vasa for 2yrs now. I initially bought it for the swim training, however, my emphasis has been adventure racing and the addition of the Kayak attachment has aided in my tremendous improvement in my paddling strength and endurance. I'm amazed at the feel of the Vasa to actual paddling.

Living in the northeast can limit the time out on the water, but with the Vasa I'm able to maintain my training and prepare for early season races. I would say the Vasa is one of the most important training tools I own.

Bought a Vasa Ergo few...

Bought a Vasa Ergo few weeks ago. I love it, it is the solution when the local waters freeze. The new kayak seat is very realistic, the next step would be to make this seat pivoting to mimic water paddling even more. The other modification could be a variable length carbon shaft to adjust for individual arm length and stroke. Service is outstanding, quick responds to a minor, noisy problem.
Looking forward to 2011 racing season....

I'm a triathlete and I got...

I'm a triathlete and I got a Vasa ergometer for swim training. It works fantastically for that, and has saved me a number of hours commuting to and from the pool without sacrificing my swim times in races. I consider it the best piece of triathlon related training equipment I own.

Then I discovered kayaking, so I got the kayak attachment to the Vasa ergometer. The machine is equally fantastic for kayak training. It feels very much like actual kayaking and there a bunch of different resistance settings to simulate paddling into the wind or current. I do not own my own kayak, but by training on the Vasa I am still in shape to go on day long organized kayak trips with an outfitter.

I am an exercise equipment...

I am an exercise equipment "junkee." I own over 125 pieces of high end exercise equipment and use just about all of them. I'm also an avid rower.

My Vasa Erg, that I've had for about 3 years, has been an exciting addition to my collection. It provides me with an incredible workout with a real feel of being on the water, except that there aren't any waves. I set my distance between 1,000 and 5,000 meters and compete with myself for time.

If you are interested in getting into the best physical shape of your life, this is the tool to get you there. Additionally, there are literally dozens of other exercises to condition every muscle in your body. The isokinetic resistance is appropriate for any fitness level.

In addition to using it for my own fitness program, I regularly rehabilitate my patients on this device and have recommended many of them to purchase one for home.

If you're looking for a real sport specific substitute for being on the water, this is it. I love mine.

I have had the VASA...

I have had the VASA ergometer for over one year now. I drove down to Vermont from Montreal to test it first and had the opportunity to meet Rob and his staff. I found them to be very personable and passionate about the product. Rob has also been receptive to subsequent feedback relating to potential improvements.

I live only 5km from the river but taking into consideration the time needed to take my kayak out of the shed, tie it on, untie it and repeat it after a paddle, I save myself about 40 minutes each night by jumping on the VASA in the basement. I also found the swim option last winter gave me a good workout of different muscle groups... and the chance to compare best times on the internet over different distances is addictive!

I recommend the VASA kayak...

I recommend the VASA kayak ergometer enthusiastically. The unit has a very realistic feel. The resistance unit was originally designed for elite swimmers, so it is not surprising that it replicates the progressive resistance of water so well. Resistance is adjustable, so it range from from the level of resistance you experience paddling a fast kayak at speed (I paddle a Van Dusen Mohican, which is very fast once up to speed) to paddling shallow water in a slow boat (good for transferring weight room strength to early season power). The unit is also extremely versatile.

In addition to the kayak mode, one can replicate canoe paddling (especially good if you buy a wall mount, which allows you to switch sides without worrying about a central support shaft getting in the way. The computer monitor is excellent, and calibrated to monitor kayak specific distances and speeds. The point that distinguishes the VASA unit from other top-level units is its versatility. The unit can also be used for swim training, and with the right options (ask the company about this when ordering) it can be used for cross-country ski double-pole training as well. Finally, Rob and Karen at VASA are fantastic- they really care about the needs of athletes, and want to do everything they can that helps the unit meet those needs.

In sum, the VASA trainer has a great water-like feel, it's very well made, and it's extremely versatile. It really is a great investment.

I purchased the Vasa kayak...

I purchased the Vasa kayak paddling ergometer about 2 years ago and reviewed it 18 months ago for the first time. This is an update a year and a half later.

The ergometer, I am pleased to report, still works, feels and sounds exactly the same as on the first day. There is no noticeable wear and tear whatsoever. It's been inside my garage for all this time with no maintenance whatsoever. Dust, etc., seems to have no ill effects on the machine. Best of all, the Vasa ergometer has allowed me to train consistently year around and gradually increase my paddling range to the point where I am able to paddle about 20 miles - in a Scupper Pro sit-on-top kayak, that is, not a fast sea kayak.

Last summer I finally fulfilled my dream of paddling/sailing to and circumnavigating Catalina Island, which involves a 22-mile open water crossing. Since then, I have gone two more times, each time paddling longer distances. (see http://www.topkayaker.net/Articles/Destinations/CatalinaIsle.html)

I feel that without the Vasa kayak ergometer the crossings to Catalina Island may never have happened or would at least be much harder or less predictable in outcome. I don't even train more than once or twice a week, but I ALWAYS paddle at least once a week, rain or shine, sick or healthy. And when I do train, I can set the resistance of the machine to match the conditions (e.g., head winds) I will encounter in the open ocean.

All around, I feel that the Vasa kayak ergometer was one of the best investments I've ever made. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

I have used our VASA Kayak...

I have used our VASA Kayak Ergometer for the last 6 weeks and am truly impressed with how real it feels. I am sure it will allow me to keep my skills up during the winter. The quality of construction is unsurpassed and it is the best fitness investment I have made. We also use it for the swim mode which is awesome also. The staff at VASA are exemplary and were great to deal with. We are definitely very happy customers and will urge others to purchase one

I have been using the Vasa Kayak Ergometer for 2 winters…

I have been using the Vasa Kayak Ergometer for 2 winters to replace paddling when the local waters freeze; I can say that it keeps me in good enough condition that I am able to get back to my fall best times in just a few short weeks. My son-in-law and I use the Vasa at least 3 or 4 times per week each and after 2 winters of use we have had no problems and there are so far no signs of wear.

This machine really gives a good workout and I never feel it lacking in any way. I always feel I am better conditioned than my usual competition in the early spring races. I would highly recommend the Vasa to anyone looking to maintain kayaking fitness or just wanting a good winter workout. The folks at Vasa are great to work with and sent me a better suited seat in the beginning when I felt the usual seat did not work for me.

Actions speak louder than...

Actions speak louder than words. That's always been my motto and I expect my equipment to do the same. But now I want to say a few words about the one equipment investment I made over a year ago that has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made to improve my paddling fitness. It's called the Vasa Kayak Ergometer, made in Vermont USA. Due to my life circumstances, i.e. busy schedule, winter freeze, etc, I decided to buy on based on a friend's recommendation.

When I first set it up and began paddling, I closed my eyes and it felt about as close to the resistance and feel of real paddling, minus the water splash sounds and the instability of a boat. I opened my eyes to view the electronic display, which really is a great power meter, and I got excited. Talk about motivational. Pretty soon, I was doing full on paddling workouts in my home, any time I wanted and in any kind of weather. Thanks to this incredible training tool, this spring paddling on the water I am stronger, faster and smoother than ever - all because I did not miss a single paddling workout from October until May.

Oh, and another thing - I got a chance to paddle on another kayak paddling machine - I think it was called stroke speed or something like that. I have to say it was good, but it does not come close to being as good my Vasa Kayak machine. Plus, I use mine to do a circuit of 10 exercises to strengthen my upper body and prevent shoulder injury, which gives more value to the device. The company offers a swimming option, so we are thinking of getting that for the kids, who just joined swim team.

If anyone out there is looking for a great training machine, I highly recommend the Vasa Kayak Ergometer.

I purchased my Vasa Kayak Ergometer about 6 months ago: The…

I purchased my Vasa Kayak Ergometer about 6 months ago:
The machine has exceeded my expectations. After 6 months of working out on the machine once or twice a week between my regular paddling session on the weekend, I am hooked. Not only has it increased my endurance, it also helps me to psychologically bridge that awful gap between weekends.

As the previous reviewer said, the stroke is surprisingly similar to the real thing, and with multiple settings, from very light resistance to a lot of resistance, I can simulate paddling in different types of conditions. The standard padded seat is very comfortable, and a new non-padded, but contoured seat is now available.

The whole unit is extremely sturdy, can easily be moved around on wheels below the main unit, and can also be used for swimming exercises (that's what the Vasa trainer was originally designed for), as well as for general strength and endurance exercises. Great versatility not shared by other kayak ergometers.

Perhaps best of all is the company itself. I met the owner, Rob Sleamaker, at a San Diego Swim Coach Convention, and I must say he's the nicest, most sincere person I have ever met in a business context. He listened very carefully to my specific training requirements and needs, and repeatedly assured me that I can return the machine within 90 days if I don't like it for any reason. The same goes for his front office - super nice, responsive, very good to deal with. No sales pitches, pressure, etc. Just straightforward information.

Whenever the paddling bug bites me midweek, I just jump on my machine now and go for a quick "paddle" in the garage - very therapeutic in more than one way.

In short: I can strongly recommend the Vasa Ergometer. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny.

I tried out a KayakPro...

I tried out a KayakPro Speedstroke and found it pretty good, but held off buying one until I tried the new Vasa kayak paddling ergometer. Finally I got to test one locally and let me tell you, it is fantastic! Even better than the feeling I got with KaykPro.

The best part is I can easily switch from kayak paddling, to canoe paddling and even to swimming mode. Since I surf, paddle board, kayak and race outriggers & dragon boats, the versatility of the Vasa makes it 4 machines for the price of one. I love the range of resistance options to feel like fast water, suck water, or tough current. Plus, the display shows your watts and it can show you force for each side, right and left, which is so useful to me since I hurt my left shoulder and am still weak there.
Check it out: vasatrainer.com