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Tote 'N Boat

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Tote 'N Boat Description

The Tote 'N Boat is a canoe brought to you by Tucktech Inc.. Read Tote 'N Boat reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

Tote 'N Boat Reviews


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Tucktech Inc.
Tote 'N Boat Reviews

Read reviews for the Tote 'N Boat by Tucktech Inc. as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I owned one of the first…

Submitted by: paddler449475 on 7/5/2018

I owned one of the first versions of this canoe. It was boxy, took a long time to put together, did not track very well, and I hated the cross brace. Fast-forward 10 years... the new version is AMAZING! It's now called a Kayak. They addresses all the issues of the first version and have come out with a product that far surpasses the first attempt. 1. The quick clamps make it go together very quick and easy now. 2. It's much more stable. 3. It tracks great with the new tracking fin. 4. Best of all... NO CROSS BRACE! Their concept of a solid hard shell style kayak that folds up has finally hit the mark.


May be ok if you are light, I am 210 lbs. Used this…

Submitted by: paddler232418 on 1/3/2008
May be ok if you are light, I am 210 lbs.
Used this boat this year late summer, it flexed inward (did not sink) and would not hold its shape (thereby not move well in water). In September 2007, I contacted Mfg for warranty, which they granted quickly. 4 weeks later they offered me a used one, which I was fine with. No contact or response to emails, then in Nov 16, I get a surprise email thanking me for my patience, they will send it in 3 days. Now 1/2/2008, still no boat and no response to my emails. Their phone number also does not answer.

I give up. Product doesn't work, and they don't back warranty.


I have a Tote 'N Boat that I…

Submitted by: paddler231138 on 2/23/2007
I have a Tote 'N Boat that I use exclusively for fishing up in the UP of Michigan and far northern Wisconsin. It works far better than I expected. The boat won't sink, holds a surprising amount of gear, and you "can" fish from it...

Tracking is a pretty big problem, especially for one person. I fish with a buddy of mine and with two paddles, we tend to let one guy do the real propelling and the other keep the thing moving straight. That seems to work out pretty well.

As for the durability of the plastic, well, we paddled around in it all day long just last summer and it was only when we were taking it apart at the end of the day that we realized that there was a hole right at the bottom point of the bow. Amazingly, folded up in "boat-form" it didn't leak. After realizing that hole was there (we could see clearly through the hull) we refolded it and put it back into the water. Nope, didn't leak, didn't sink. Somehow the fold managed to keep the hole sealed up. Still put some silicone on the inside though.

It's difficult to fish from this boat only because you really can't stand up in it very well and you're sitting below the water line. We managed to fish from this little boat for about 5 hours just sitting on the bottom of the hull and keeping the boat right where we wanted it but it would have been more comfortable if we'd been sitting up a little higher.

The only other problem is that the plastic really tends to scratch up your back if your leaning into it (facing towards the middle of the boat) and there's no leg room if you're facing towards it(bow-ward).


Well the good points is its…

Submitted by: paddler231688 on 7/12/2006
Well the good points is its portable, is pretty stable, and will not sink. In the 4 times Ive used the boat its never come close to capsizing. It is a bear however to assemble. I have always been soar afterward. The clamp they give you breaks easily so I purchased another one. Directions are not as helpful as they could be but they get the job done. The thwart isnt as stable accross the bean as I would like as well. The big problem is tracking is not good. It needs a keel or rudder of some kind. Might as well use a kayak paddle. I called Tuck Tech to tell them this and they said they were coming out with a rudder for it but not until fall or spring -- so Ive got to wait or make do with something else. They should have thought of the need for this before.

A mixed review but still not entirely without merit particularly when compared to some of the cheaper inflatables. This boats plastic is pretty tough even on sharp rocks. I think its a bit overpriced for what you get however.


I have owned one of these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/27/2006
I have owned one of these boats for a couple years. I took it as a luggage compatable boat on a trip to Alaska. It did ok on lakes but I would't take it on a river or near the ocean. It is not that it doesn't float, but it is so light that any little current or wind makes it almost uncontrollable as it has no keel or good lateral surface area to keepit tracking straight. With a couple of paddles and lifejackets, that can be stored in the duffel it comes in, you have a servicable boat for fishing you can throw in the back of a car, camper, or aircraft. But don't expect it to handle like a Mad River. It is basicly a sheet of plastic cut to shape and bolted together in a process similar to origamy. The plastic is very stiff and hard to fold the first few times it is used but loosens up with use. The plastic is not easly damaged by run ins with rocks, beaches, and so forth, and does not spring leaks like an inflatable. It is also not a very attractive boat.