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PaddleCart Reviews

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Another bad review, sorry... If you've got the older version of this…

Another bad review, sorry...
If you've got the older version of this cart from a few years back and you need new parts, you're out of luck as the company has changed hands, and also changed the sizes of their parts including the tires. I ordered a new tire a while back, and the inner diameter where the wheel fits on the axle is smaller. I banged it to get it on, and you know what, it works, but not because it fits like its supposed to - its stuck and won't come off, so much for portability. They've also changed the tread pattern on the tire so it doesn't match the old, thankfully the tire is the same size, unlike the inner part of the wheel. Still a hassle getting any air into the tire with the limited space.

If you have a short wide...

If you have a short wide rec boat this cart is not bad, but for sit on top kayaks or hulls with different configurations on the bottom other than flat or slight v shapes, it might be more trouble than its worth. This past summer I tried to use the cart on my Wilderness Systems Ride, and it didn't work, same today with the Perception Napali that I bought, no good, slips and will not stay secure. Works ok on my Prijon Yukon, but still a little more work than I would like.

The concept seems like a good one as far as standing the cart diagonally on its ends and then righting it, but its a balancing act, and if you have the wrong shaped hull, forget it. It is also hard to get an air pump to fit on the valve, as there is very little space between it and the center of the wheel. Most pumps with a straight hose won't fit. The pins that hold the frame together will occassionally pop out and if you lose one, your out of luck - at least until you buy another.

Originally I liked it for the rec yaks, but it will not work for every hull shape. When you do a search on the net for carts, don't fall for the first ad you see that has the cheaper price. In this case, you get what you pay for, and for some boats, its just useless. Buyer beware.

I've tried a number of...

I've tried a number of carts over the years, primarily when renting boats while traveling. None of them ever impressed me enough to make a buyer out of me.

Now that I'm middle aged, lazy, and have a new wooden kayak, I decided it was time to get a good cart!

Searched the reviews across the 'net and found this product by The Richards Group. Price seemed most reasonable but I couldn't find anyone who had actually used one. During a conversation with Mark Richards, I was informed the cart had only been available for a short time.

The cart looked good and appeared to fit my needs so I went ahead and ordered one sight and unseen. Mark offers an unconditional guarantee so I felt rather safe.

The PaddleCart arrived timely and assembly was a painless chore that lasted but a few seconds. Construction is very impressive. Real wheels/tires/bearings and a solid axle that's fully gusseted. All metal edges had been cleaned up so storage in a kayak won't scratch or otherwise damage the boat.

This cart uses no kickstand which is a feature that originally attracted me to it. Less parts, easier to stow, and it simply doesn't need a stand. Loading the boat is straight forward and simple.

Overall weight is just shy of the 7 lb mark and the disassembled cart easily stows in my boats.

I first tested the PaddleCart in the Tetons for the portage between String & Leigh lakes. An easy off road portage of about 150 yards and the PaddleCart made the task a breeze. All the other paddlers were very impressed with it.

Since the portage was an easy one, I decided to try the cart in a more aggressive manner. I strapped my lightly loaded plastic T-165 on and took off through the forest along some hiking trails. Double timed for a while, uphill, downhill, twisties, etc. No worries with this cart. The 12.5" x 2.25" pneumatic tires cushioned the ride and the overall design lent excellent tracking and maneuvering. I did manage to upset it once while jogging with the rig when I hit some big rocks and snagged a stubborn bush. The straps stayed tight so I just righted the rig and took off again. (The straps on this cart are a big improvement over its competition.) I've never used a cart before that I could have subjected to this kind of obstacle course.

To summarize, I highly recommend the PaddleCart. I've two friends who have subsequently purchased their own PaddleCarts and they are as happy as I am. Not many better ways to spend $79!

You'll find the product excellent and the company delivers great service and shipping.